Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 Things About Me

I got a blog recognition from a blog called lastenvaateralli - Kiitos!

Here are 8 things about myself (brace yourselves!)...
  • I am the slooowest coffee drinker! I can hold on to the cup for ages, and usually by the time I get to the bottom of it, it's cold... I never seem to want to let go of that feeling of having a cup in my hand. I limit myself to max 2 a day or I will get the jitters.
  • I have no drivers license - I never needed any when I was living in central Copenhagen, and it is not until now when I am living in Australia and have two kids I feel like I miss one. I am that slightly flustered mom always pushing a double Phil&Ted pram everywhere, all the time! Although I have to confess I LOVE walking!

  • I have broken far too many things on my body - I grew up standing on a Powell Peralta skateboard and loved the freedom of wheels under my feet, although being a bit adventurous I manged to break, 5 fingers, a collarbone, a wrist and a couple of other things that if being fair was probably because of a short career in snowboarding.

  • I always go to bed too late... no matter how much I try I always seem to stay up too late, and wake up feeling 10 years older. I wish I have the morning mood of my daughter, who whistles as she turns on the light in our room and informs us of the weather and what she wants for breakfast.. all with a smile of course.

  • I can talk to cats! I know.. sounds strange, but having grown up with cats since being wee little, I know the certain sounds they seem to make when they want something. When I was 12 I sat down "talking" to a stray cat who seemed to be very chatty back... he ended up following me home and lived with us for a couple of years. Maybe I invited him home.. haven't quite perfected the purrs yet so who knows..haha.

  • I can't say no to a perfect t-shirt.. we have way too many t-shirts lurking around in our wardrobes. I am especially weak for those thin, loose, soft blends in marle grey... I can live in those and so can my kids.

  • I am not much of a cook. I can survive and make a few simple dishes but I leave the serious cooking to my husband who luckily for me and the kids loves it.

  • I enjoy watching animated movies, probably even more than my kids do. My big passion is animation, and the movie that got it all started and eventually pushed me towards an animation career was a short called The Sandman by Paul Berry. I also loved the Pixar short Knick knack , and of course anything by Studio Ghibli will get my creative buzz going as well.

    I will give this forward to Sari at MrsAgatha


  1. Thank you! ♥ I will get to it soon (tomorrow ;D)!
    The first two things (at least) we have in common! Don't understand why I drink coffee so slowly, but maybe it is because I don't want it to end!

  2. That coffee is magic, I certainly don't want it to end so I stretch it as long as possible... Looking forward to reading yours soon!


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