Thursday, October 22, 2015

MOMENTS | Weekend Exploring

D wears: High Water longsleeve  by Kids On The Moon / Oceanus pants by Kids On The Moon / Sweater by Kids On The Moon. M wears: Hoodie by Talc / Tee by I Dig Denim / Skirt by Kids On The Moon

It was a busy weekend with lots of exploring. The weather was great so we decided to head up in the Ranges and just drive around on uncharted tracks. We packed some food and come upon several perfect picnic grounds. The light was magical in the forest and the air was so fresh and crisp. It was easy to spend a few hours up there and by the time we were heading down again it was almost time for evening dinner! A good day outside always makes you tummy hungry and your mind content and the kids seem to never have a moment of being bored as there is so much to do and see in nature.

ps: Can you see that sticks is and always will be the best toy in the world...

Friday, October 16, 2015

FAVOURITE FINDS | Swimwear by Scotch Shrunk

When shopping swimwear for boys there always seem to be a few boxes to tick before we put them in our shopping baskets.  

A - how is the waist!? (who hasn't come home with a pair of swimmers that just fall off their little bums in the water..anyone? hands up over here.. and let's face it, giving the kid a plumbers bum look isn't working no matter how stylish the print is).  
B - Are they comfy!? How's the fabric, soft enough to go commando in or do you need undies to wear these?
C - How rad is the print and will the little guy love it? We always tend to pick prints that really stand out (always handy on a crowded beach or pool area when you are keeping an eye out so they are easy to spot).

These boardies by Scotch Shrunk ticks all three boxes and have such a lovely summer feel to them. They even come with a handy little pouch in swim material so when it's time to head for home after a day at the beach you got somewhere to put them to avoid the rest of the beach bag getting wet!   

Thursday, October 8, 2015


D wears: Camo jacket by molo / Wolf Tee by Minti / Denims by Zara Kids / Beanie by molo / Sneakers by MAÁ Shoes.

Now I know we are heading into warmer weather over here in the Southern hemisphere, but after our latest mountain adventure I realized that we needed something extra warm for the coming Autumn/Winter months. We mostly have wind jackets over here and for most of the time we are fine with that, but after a few hikes in higher altitudes those were simply not enough.

This season Danish brand molo is coming out with some rather amazing outerwear. They have always been known for strong colours and graphic prints in their clothes and this trend is also continuing in their high quality outerwear & jackets. For my boy I wanted something that was cool yet fitting for all our adventures in nature and the Hackett jacket was the perfect match! It has a blurred camo print with contrasting colour details. So although he will blend in with nature I will still be able to spot him with those cool neon details. This jacket has a removable hood and the iconic molo star reflector on the back of the right shoulder. The fabric is water resistant so perfect for those sudden showers. It is hand-lined with pearl padding which makes it extra soft and comfortable enough to move around easily in.

We teamed the Hackett jacket with the matching Kenzie beanie which fits perfectly as an outfit.
To check out molo's outerwear in action then have a look at their recently published Outerwear video

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MOMENTS | There's Something Strange...

D wears: William Wow hoodie by BangBang CPH / Stunt Dummy pants by Munsterkids / Shoes by Vans.

...In the Neighborhood!

Some moments after school, and a chance to catch up with the animals and fun on wheels. The new favourite William Wow hoodie from Bang Bang CPH is a must, and is an instant costume/all around hoodie that my boy has quickly fallen in love with. Now he is never without mask (who knows when and who you need to scare on your adventures ;) although the neighborhood cat doesn't seem too faced by the skeleton boy!

Monday, October 5, 2015


The last few days have given sun & warm winds which reminds us of what is to come. A taste of summer and a good opportunity for a little cool outfit for the mini's. Over the school holidays we have pretty much lived on wheels and cruising down the beach has been a popular thing even by the small kids. With this outfit they are ready for the sun and fun and even a quick trip in the waves!

1. Thunderstruck Cap by Munsterkids / 2. Rad tee by Munsterkids / 3. Lil Dip Boardies by Munsterkids / 4. Slip on shoes by Vans / 5. Sunglasses by Sons + Daughters / 6. Cruiser board by Penny Skateboards.
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