Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moments | Winter is Here!

D wears: Sweat by Shrunk by Scotch / Jacket by Finger in the Nose / Denims by Shrunk by Scotch / Beanie by Zoo York / Shoes by Hummel. M wears: Jacket by Bobo Choses / Beanie by Munster / Sweat by Finger in the Nose.

Just as we were marveling at our mild winter it turned and showed the other side of coin. The last week has been freezing. Storms packed with cold rain have visited us and its been a good chance to pull out the warm jackets and beanies out of the corners of the wardrobes. The winds have been beating the coast hard this past week and the sand levels on the beaches have gone so high, that they even cover high signs! Still its a fascination for the kids to go down and watch the high waves, listen to the roaring sound of the sea and watch the change the winter has brought with it.

When the biting cold got too uncomfortable for the cheeks we warmed up inside at the open fire with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Not a bad end to the first week of the school holidays!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Guess what...

The bells have rung for the last time for this term and the kids are free for two weeks. We are thrilled to be able to relax, have slow mornings and explore the day without time constraints. The posts might be a bit more sporadic as this time is something that we cherish and try and spend outside as much as we can. But do check back as we will share some of our favourite moments from the holidays as well! xx

So as we go on winter holiday over here, European kids are spending their last day in school, going off on a long well deserved summer break! So to all we wish a happy holiday out there!

Friday, June 27, 2014


There is a few sales that I look forward to at the end of each season and Loja Dádá's is always one of them. With labels like Bobo Choses, Popupshop, Indikidual, Emile et Ida, Petitbo, Mini Rodini, Nununu carefully selected by owner Danielle and sourced from around the world you can be sure to find some true gems here for your mini's wardrobes.

Right now they are having up to 40% off on current season's styles and up to 50% off on previous seasons. There is plenty to choose between and even some rare bargains of favourites from previous seasons so be prepared to set some time off to look through this treasure trove.

If you want to know more about this lovely shop, catch up on one of my previous interviews with Loja Dádá or see what we have bought from them in the past.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

INTERIOR | Poster Love

I am a big fan of artist Evan Rossell, and quite a few times he has worked with US label Mini & Maximus to create prints for both clothes and posters. Right now Springstof has a few of my favourites posters from Mini & Maximus back in stock.

Don't Grow Up / Bandit Girl / See Ya / Falling Ice Owl.

Monday, June 23, 2014

DESIGN | K desk by Rafa Kids

I have always loved pure, clean design, and this lovely K desk by Rafa Kids is a perfect example. Made from high quality Finnish Birch, put together with only 6 invisible screws it is the perfect desk for a kids room. I love their take on a classic school bench idea, and their functional ideas such as opening lid for extra storage, works perfectly with their esthetically design choices such as making sure it has a soft closing lid. It is clean and elegant and most of all timeless!

Check out a video on it here, and for how to order please visit:

:: RAFA KIDS :: 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moments | Into the Wild

M wears: Hoodie by Bobo Choses / Tee by Petitbo / Jeans by Mini Numph / Shoes by Molo / Beanie by Vans. D wears: Zip sweater by New Generals / Tee by Petitbo / Sarouel pants by Petitbo / Shoes by MAÁ / Beanie by Globe.

Well perhaps not the wild but a big park that certainly felt like a bit of the wild. Saturday started slow where everybody more or less got to eat a slow breakfast, play and drink their coffee in peace (all things amazing on a weekend). The rest of the day was spent in a new park in the Eastern part of Melbourne. After a rather long car ride it was nice to stretch the legs in the high grass and play on a nearby playground. We have had such an amazing winter so far. The sun has been out a lot and it is afternoons like this you are thankful for the warmth it gives. Today was also the shortest day of the year and the sun went down at 4.50pm. We stayed until it was dark and everybody agreed it had been a pretty nice Saturday and start to the weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outfit | Toddler Boy

With so many good Sales going on (winter sales over here and summer sales in Europe) its hard not to do some window shopping - here is a cool outfit for a toddler (all items except shoes are on sale!) from the nice selections of buckets & spades.

1. Infinity scarf by e3M / 2. Top by Minti / 3. Denim by DKNY / 4. Beanie by e3M / 5. Jacket with mask by Minti / 6. Tiger shoes by Feiyue.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sneak Peek | Mini Rodini AW14 "Quel Carrousel"

It's always fun when Swedish label Mini Rodini drops their first sneak peek at their upcoming collections, and here are the first images of their AW14 collection, entitled - Quel Carrousel.

 It is inspired by the life and people behind the circus. Clothes comfortable enough to wear when traveling with the caravan from town to town in the early light of dusk. Durable enough for any little aspiring acrobat when hanging upside down in roman rings facing challenging situations. Stylish enough for young mice trainers when performing in the ring accompanied by the circus orchestra.
With a large number of sustainable and pieces made from GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, this is a collection suited for sparkling activities, a lot of fun and well worthy a place in the spotlight both in front of and behind the curtains.

You can find drop 1 of the new collection in stores like Orange Mayonnaise, Springstof, Buckets and Spades, Zirimola, Loja Dada, Ladida, Shan and Toad, Smallfolk at July 31st.


Summer Sales | Zirimola

The summer sales continues and now Zirimola have joined as well. They are offering 20% OFF all SS14 collections until the end of August. (If you are a Bobo Choses fans its worth having a look since they have a wide variety of styles). Other labels on sale includes, Beau LOves, Indikidual, Picnik Barcelona, Mini Rodini, Mói, Mini & Maximus etc.

They also offer FREE worldwide shipping on orders over 100€ through the sales period as well. If you are eager to get your order extra quick, you will be happy to hear they offer same day shipping on orders placed and paid before 12:00 (UTC+2) from Monday to Friday.

Check out the SALE here:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Moments | Sunny Sunday

M wears: Top by Missie Munster / Vest by Zara Kids / Pants by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Hummel. D wears: Hoodie by Munsterkids / Pants by Munsterkids / Vest by Zara Kids / Longsleeve by I Dig Denim / Shoes by 10 IS.

Some shots of our Sunday. M was determined to try and skate down the concrete hills this weekend so after we got some new safety gear, we drove by the skate park and had a go at it. She did really well and even though she had a spill and fell on her bottom, she went straight back up and pulled it off several times. Super proud of her efforts and its so nice to see them feeling proud after practice have paid off.

After the hunger set in after all the activities at the skate park we headed off for some lunch and like the last few weekends the sun always seem to come out on a Sunday and today was another beautiful afternoon that we celebrated by being in it and exploring the gorgeous bay cliffs and eating ice cream. It felt like the perfect way to end a weekend!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


When I stroll through IKEA (which I have to admit is a nice highlight every now and then) I often come across furniture etc that would work well in a younger room as well. Here is a mix of furniture for both kids and adults, but which I feel would work well in a kids/teens rooms as well.

1. Pendant lamp PS 2014 (folds out and a must for Star Wars lovers) / 2. Table mirror PS 2014 (perfect for girls jewellery) 3. Sundvik Children's desk / 4. Stuva Storage Bench / 5. Gunggung Swing / 6. LED stool lamp PS (lamp with cosy mood light and stool you can sit on) 7. Knobs, assorted colours PS / 8. Vågö PS Easy Chair / 9. Lövås PS Chair-bed (perfect for sleep overs) / 10. Clothes hanger PS / 11. PS series, Bedlinnen / 12. Mandal chest of 6 drawers.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Moments | Let the Weekend Begin!

D wears: Hoodie by Munsterkids / Longsleeve by Minti / Pants by Shampoodle / Cap by DC / Shoes by Native shoes.

The best thing about having a long weekend is that Friday arrives faster! The little man begged to visit the skate park again so after we had picked up big sis at school we had a fun session (and was lucky enough to have the whole skate park to ourselves!) Let the weekend begin!
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