Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moments | Embracing the Winds

M wears: Jacket by Geggamoja, Hoodie by Nova Star, Pants by Popupshop, Shoes by Hummel, Beanie by Cotton On // D wears: Jacket by Kidscase, Hoodie by Nova Star, Pants by Nova Star, Shoes by Puma, Beanie by Mini Rodini.
We decided to drive to another rock-pool area today, a bit further out on the peninsula. No pelicans spotted this time, but a lot of sea gulls! The wind was quite strong and we had to be careful not to be blown into the sea. This is the best way to get a bit of fresh air. I think this whole family needs it after being sick (well most us of still are). After a good run around it was time for hot soup and calamari (for some reason the kids love calamari! Not sure if we should reveal it is squid they are eating..haha). Not sure if I can ever move away from the bay after living here for over 2 years now. The constantly changing views depending on what sort of weather or season is simply amazing. But I have to admit, I am longing for warmer weather and when you can throw off the layers and be back in thin tees and shorts again. But for now I guess we have to embrace the winds and enjoy the crispness of winter!

Cool DIY projects!

Since it is school holiday over here for the next two weeks I will try and share some of our DIY projects that we will try out. To start out, I wanted to share this exellent way of reusing your old crayons. Simply melt down your old stumps of crayons in a mold in the oven, and you will get brand new fun ones, that you can decided the shape and colour of yourself. Theses awesome crayons above is from Estéfi Machado. The full instructions are in Portuguese, but we used Google translator, and that worked out well.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Moments | Friday ♥

Just a quick hello before we head into complete Friday mode with take away pizza, movie night and a glass of red (if I can wish for something after a rather long week, with sickness and all that goes with it). Took the little one out for some grocery shopping and he got to try out one of our Oii sale bargains - Crocodile Sweater by Mini Rodini. What a good dose of colour that one injects in the wardrobe... just what we need in the middle of an Australian winter. Have a lovely weekend out there!!

Sneak Peek | kidscase AW12

With 3 corner stones like independent, sophisticated and functional, Dutch brand kidscase have done it again! Their AW12 collection is filled with little knitted gems and gorgeous rich earthy colours. I have written about Kidscase earlier, and it is no secret that I have loved this label for a very long time now. In their new collection, designer Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk  have manged to fuse a touch of streetwear chic and sophisticated vintage into a complete and contemporary wardrobe!

"The collection fall-winter 12-13 is also driven by a strong feeling for subtle shades and rich tones: ebony, olive, tangerine, cream, caramel and velvety turquoise, to make profoundly stylish combinations. Signature pieces are the heavy-knits with a hand-made appeal, and the line of deliciously cool and comfy winter coats. Soft, strong jerseys and urban cut jeans finish this tasteful collection. On top of that a substantial part of the kidscase line is made of organic cotton, and carries social certification as well."

We can't wait to see this collection hit the stores and personally we will try and get our mitts on the lovely oversized knitted tangerine jumper and some striking contrast leggings.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moments | Precious Days

D wears: Jacket by Mini Rodini, Sweater by American Apparel, Leggings by Mini Rodini, Cap by CTH mini, Shoes by Converse.

The whole family has had this flu bug more or less by now. But aches or no aches, when the weather gods are offering sun, you just have to go out and embrace it! Here are some photos from our day today. On top of sun we had some pretty strong winds so we took the opportunity to try out a new kite. The little guy had no trouble flying it and it was so much fun to see him trying it out for the very first time.

After a good 40 minutes of loop the loop and aerobatics we chilled out with hot chocolate and cappuccinos. D got an opportunity to try out a new cap sent to us by no other than CTH mini themselves. We are totally in love with these caps. It is honestly one of very few things that stays on this boy's head! As his hair grows longer it is the perfect accessory for him. It keeps his hair away from his eyes and protects against the sun in the summer. A year around keeper! And there is no getting away from that it adds that extra bit of boyish cheekiness to him that we love as well. Hope your week has been good so far.. Tomorrow is Friday... Oh hail Friday!

Let there be COLOUR!

Check out this Kindergarten in Paris, France! Ecolle Maternell Pajol is a four-classroom Kindergarten who have really embraced the joy of colour for kids. Parisian architecture office Palatre & Leclère has restored and reimagined the 1940s building , yet they have left the basic feel of the structure unchanged. "We believe in repurposing and saving older buildings, but letting them tell their previous stories, even in their new guises." For more info and photos head on over here!

The Perfect Cup!

What's with boys and their milk drinking consumption? Or is it just my boy who seem to be crazy about milk?? My girl on the other hand is not at all interested in milk, so we have to give her yogurts and cheese to up her calcium intake. But D is constantly asking for milk, and if he could choose, it would be his only choice of liquid to drink. One thing that has been great for both kids are the perfect size melamine cups from Rice. It is the only cups we can have down in the kids cupboards and they can use them without worrying about breaking anything. Big love from us!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Dreams

Sometimes all you need on a cold winter day is that special summer outfit hanging on the wall waiting for those nice warm winds of Spring and Summer. My girl can't wait to jump into this one! The blouse is by Bobo Choses that we bought here, and the straw hat is courtesy of CTH Mini and can be found here.

Moments | Bonus Day!

M wears: Jacket by Witchery Kids, Beanie by Country Road, shirt by ESP No.1, Pants by Popupshop, Shoes by Natives, Necklace by Atsuyo Et Akiko. 

We got a bonus day off from school today. It was our very first parent-teacher meeting. It was fun to hear how things are going and it was so neat to see some of M's work she has done in school too, so proud of her and what she has managed to learn in such a short period of time. We took the opportunity to just hang out after the meeting and we decided the best thing to do when you had to be up early anyway was to get some hot breakfast pancakes together, so that's what we did! M brings her Anorak Magazine where ever she goes these days. It is such a great mag for kids. Heaps of things to do in there to keep them occupied and entertained and how great is it that it is made by kids!? Who else would know better what would make a kid happy? We are gearing up for the holiday next week and we are off to a good start :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brand Watch | Danefæ

One of the brands we fell in love with while living in Denmark was the colourful world of Danefæ! When the winter months landed on our heads and the darkness was a fact, I loved seeing the classic Danefæ raincoats on busy mothers with prams darting through the rainy days like little rays of light. The clothes were no different, and provided nice bright conversation pieces on several of the mother's group meetings I went to. It is a label that very much have become a part of the country itself. The big viking print is a classic, and so is the beautiful swan print for the girls. I love their nice colourful stripes and there is something so wonderful about their whole range, year after year. Maybe it is because Scandinavia has such long winters that the colours are so vibrant and necessary but I think no matter where you live in the world, you will always appreciate this brand.

The clothes comes pre-washed and are ready to jump into and the quality is nothing but amazing. Both my children have grown up in Danefæ clothes, and now when it is making it's second round, they still look brand new after several rounds in the washing machine!

Right now Danefæ are having their BIG SALE on. I couldn't help but getting some items since I know they will last for such a long time. They do international shipping and for those who live outside of the EU, you will be happy to hear that they have tax free shopping as an option! I will show you them when they get to this side of the world.

Moments | Sun we love you!

D wears: Zip up sweater by Katvig, Jeans by Cotton On Kids, Beanie by Gumdrop, shoes by Pumpkin Patch.

It has been a couple of days of sickness for us. The little man came down with something resembling a full on flu. High fever to the point where he was delirious aiming for hugs into the thin air and mumbling about cats.... poor thing! So for two full nights there was no sleep for us, which quickly turns you into a walking, drooling zombie. To add to the fun it has been nothing but coldness and rain so going out has not been an option. Today he was finally fever free and in a much better mood. It is incredible how bossy and grumpy they can get when they are sick. Endless shouts for water!!! And instead of the usual quite pleasant ... please, it just ended with a big grunt instead.

With the boy feeling better the weather also came back and we decided it was time to go out and get a bit of sun on our cheeks. That seem to do the trick for both of us! A bit of fresh sea air and a couple of animal visits put us right back where we want to be... happy!
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