Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moments | Best Pocket Pants!

M wears: Cat beanie by Cotton On // Scarf by Esp no.1 // Hoodie by Geggamoja // Pants by Shampoodle.

Some quick snaps from today's sneaky after school run to our local cafe. Mum needed a caffeine hit and M scored a something sweet after a long day at school. M won a photo competition from Shampoodle a while back, and these pants was something she picked herself from their website. According to her they have the best pocket around, "which you can just reach back and put things in without even trying..." I think I have to agree with her on that one!

Howling Cool!

There was one thing I couldn't resist getting from the new collection of ESP no.1 over at Skip To My Lou. This wicked tee with a howling wolf was just too cool to walk by. I am so weak for this vintage black look with raw edges and soft quality. It is definitely ESP no.1 signature trademark and it is something I always seem to fall for. The cotton is light and airy and this tee is one that will just get better with age. To accompany it I bought a wrap scarf from the same label and the best thing about this one is that it stays on! Again soft quality with no itch in sight! I can't wait until the days will get warmer and the little guy can be sporting this one without a big sweater on top!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cute Overload

Cute overload!! Here are some soft handmade toys that is rocking our cuteness radar at the moment. 1. Little Elephant by viviedoudou // 2. Gaspard the bear by OneLittleRedFox. // 3. Little Dreaming Bear by byEvi. // 4. Black Mohair Bear by foxandowl. // 5. Furry Hatted Rabbit by Catrabbit // 6. Monty the fox by Sara Carr.

Tees Ahoy!

Ever since the Mini & Maximus collection, Rock Paper Scissors came out there was one tee M has had her eye on. The lovely unicorn baseball tee, drawn by the talented illustrator Maia C Larkin. Well we searched hi and low, but always seemed to struck out on either availability or size, so guess if she was happy when we finally found one here. The little man scored the very cool Flag tee while we were shopping, and its safe to say they will be loved and worn all through winter and summer. These are the sort of tees that just seem to get more cozy the more they are worn! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moments | Sneaky Sunday

M wears: Cardigan by Seed, Jacket by FUB, Jeans by I Dig Denim, Sneakers by Walnut // D wears : Cap by Country Road, Jacket by Finger in the Nose, Pants by Witchery Kids, shoes by Natives.

Some random photos from our Sunday. Playground hanging in between the rain showers and a bit of good old fashion sibling love! I normally get a bit annoyed when a weekend is mostly accompanied by rain, but this one was actually very nice. There was time to just relax and squeeze in a cat nap here and there and just catch some sneaky sun moments outside and when it poured, catch a good flick on the telly. Hope you all enjoyed your break as well...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moments | Rain Rain...

M wears: Knit by Katvig // Jeans by Scotch Shrunk // Shoes by Walnut Melbourne. D wears: Jacket by Hummel Kids // Jeans by Popupshop // Shoes by Natives // Backpack by Bobo Choses + Activity Book by Anorak. 

Heavy rain clouds rolled in over us today. I heard a rumor that the weekend would be rained away, which is enough to put a damper on any adventurous family. We turned it into one of those days were things are getting dealt with. Like the massive laundry pile, picking up the toys on the floor that constantly is making parents trip over while the little people seem to maneuver around them with great ease. Vacuuming and folding and all those things that somehow gets forgotten during a busy week. When lunch came around the corner we treated ourselves to some nice lunch outside.. while we ate the sky opened up once more except this time, it was quite cozy to sit under the see through roof at the cafe while the dark clouds poured down outside. We were quite lucky because when everybody was finished the sun was out again and let everybody have a bit of fun on the playground nearby... Next up on the agenda Ice Age 2 on the telly and some popcorn and drinks in the big couch! Rainy weekends aren't that bad after all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Moments | Afternoon

M wears: Long sleeve by Bobo Choses, Pants by Mini & Maximus, Legwarmers by Molo, Sneakers by Walnut Melbourne // D wears: Long sleeve by Molo, Sleeveless vest by Minti, Track pants by Minti, Beanie by Witchery, Shoes by Puma.

The cold is again over this part of the world, and the rain and the wind is starting to reclaim these last days of July. The sun was still giving us a little bit of warmth in the afternoon so the toys came out and we squeezed in a play before it was time to get in and kick start the heater again. Friday at last...

In the Bag!

Did some ordering from Wild and Mini the other day and thought I had to share the Minti goodness we received ( incredible fast delivery and free within Australia as well!). We ordered two tees a sweater vest and an activity book from our favorite kids magazine creators, Anorak. We couldn't pass up on the classic bear ziggy tee, got a longsleeve in it which D has loved so we added another neat summer tee to the collection. M received a unicorn tee which will be sooo loved and adored (what's with girls and unicorns!?) We also have a couple of the sleeveless hoodies from Minti and they have seriously been the best chest warmers around. Great for a cold summer evening, and perfect for layering up during the whole winter. This cool little happy spinner print became an instant hit with D, and a clear winner for today's outfit.

If you haven't checked out Wild and Mini yet, do yourself a favor and do!! You won't be disspointed and it is the number one source if you are either a Minti fan or Little Horn fan, or just crazy about Anorak Magazine like us.

Visit Wild and Mini

Have a nice weekend out there!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BOYS ROOM inspiration

Some nice details that would make any boys room look great!
1.Vintage whale poster // 2. Moon clock // 3. Cloud bedding set // 4. Star constellation curtain // 5. Bat poster. // 6. Puzzle Pillows (by Gry Fager). 


Was feeling creative tonight so I designed a tee collection inspired by some of the iconic last wild animals of Africa. Would love to venture into something where you could give some profit of sales to a good cause, such as wild life preservation. Print would continue on the back and be printed on 100% cotton or bamboo mixed tees.

Mini Rodini AW12 at Oii!

Mini Rodini's new AW12 collection is right on the doorstep of the stores these days. On the 26 of July, the whole range will be available over at Oii (the collection is already up online.) Lots of nice pieces as usual, so if you want to add that quirky addition to the little ones wardrobes, you know where to go! Happy shopping...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

H&M Home Kids

The new H&M home range for kids have landed in stores and online, here are some of my favorites... Check out the whole range right here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Moments | Spin it!

Hey ho let's go...There is nothing like a spur of the moment dance when you come home from school. M is wearing straw hat by CTH Mini, Scarf from Cotton on Kids, Tee by Amplified Kids, Leggings by Witchery Kids, Sneakers by Hummel Kids.


It's that time people...when the all the designers are getting ready to release their new collections, and THIS is one we have been looking forward to a little bit extra much. Californian label, MINI & MAXIMUS fall 2012 collection named, Animal Collective. I absolutely love their introduction to this collection so I will let the words of the creators do the explaining of this one!

He scales the wall like a monkey. She screams louder than a squawking parrot. They track mud in like a pack of not four but six legged wolves. You hunt them down to brush their teeth, to tie their shoes, or eat their vegetables. Day after day it's a constant game of catch and release. They run free, trouble ensues and crazy things happen. Who are these elusive, untamed little creatures? The makers of Mini & Maximus clap their hands and say, "we want more"! 

This Fall we stare down these little animal-like creatures, then add extra teeth, a crown or long lashes. We look to artists like Evan Rossell, Brook Reidt and 5 year old, Mika for extra graphics of fictitious figures so that you can adorn your wild imps in our tees, onesies, hoodies and sweatpants. Now they can show us just how creatively mischievous they are, in hopes that they will be recognized as reckless comrades on the school yard, and you can avoid those perfectly pesky my-child-always-color-inside-the-lines type parents.

I have only shown a little of a really nice big line from Mini & Maximus. There are lots of nice color option in most graphics and it feels like I have only touched the surface. And yes, we are extra excited since it is my daughter who have had the great pleasure in drawing some of the characters for this line. You can also look forward to some smaller sizes this time around since they have now released onesies for the tiniest rebels on the block. As always Mini & Maximus delivers something vibrant, fresh, playful and unexpected! Just the way we like it...

The Animal Collective will be out in stores around Mid August.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moments | By The Beach

M wears: Tee by Åhléns, Leggings by Molo, Cap by Billabong, Gumboots by Bergstein // D wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus, Longsleeve by Cotton on Kids, Pants by Katvig, knitted cap by Diesel.

It was a magical day today. One of those days you just sort of live off for a long time. After a couple of days with rather cold weather (one day was even a crazy 13c inside!!) this morning greeted us with sunshine and low and behold, warm weather! We celebrated the start of the weekend with getting breakfast out. There is nothing like having breakfast served to you after a long week of rushing and making breakfast in the morning. We quickly realized it was going to be a lovely day when we saw that the sea was absolutely calm and not even a breeze of wind was around. It was like a massive mirror out there, so after our breakfast in the bay we drove back home to pack up for a day at the beach. As ususal the kids gets VERY wet when we go down there so we packed lots of change, in case they would get cold.

Ahhhh... it was warm down at the Bluff, and I haven't enjoyed the beach so much in a long time. Soaking up the sun and hearing the kids play while the waves making those lovely rolling noises was heaven. Of course like always with kids there were occational hilarious moments when either one or both kids falls into the water (which is still very cold), or flying water buckets that seem to always end up on somebody's sandcastle... We stayed for a few hours and even got some fish n chips to enjoy in the sand which tasted amazing (most likely because the scenery and the fresh air made us so hungry!). By the end, almost all clothes and gumboots, etc had come off and gotten wet and dried in the sun at least one time each... This day will recharge our low winter batteries for a while, and promise such good times when Spring and Summer finally gets over to this side of the globe.

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