Friday, January 31, 2014

Moments | We Love Fridays

 D wears: Tee by Bobo Choses / Pants by Nununu / Cap by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Natives.

Ah Fridays! We are at the end of a week but it feels like brand new start and back to routines. There has been big changes for the whole family really. M started a new grade, with new classmates and a new teacher. D started a new kinder, with new kids and new teachers, mum here got new days to work on and have to make a big switchero to again puzzle together a working week, and dad have a taken on a new position at work with leading a bigger team and more responsibility.

Fridays used to be a bit of a relaxing day with just my little man to focus on, but with the switch it is now my child free day with work instead. It will feel different, but I guess different is good sometimes. We will work it out, and find new ways to make Friday rock for all of us. So yes, we still love you Friday, you whisper sweet promises of a lovely weekend ahead!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brand Watch | 10IS SS14

French shoe label 10IS (pronounced tennis) has just released their SS14 range "A Sunday brunch in summer"

Just like a Sunday brunch you would share in summer, 10 IS offers a collection with multiple flavors.
New exclusive prints with exotic tastes to explore the alleys of our urban jungles. Glitter twills in warm colors to add a finely sparkling touch to summer outfits.

Natural leather inserts, copper zips and white stitching associated with raw canvas to give a woody note to a contemporary silhouette. Each piece, made from finest and resistant materials, is designed to meet the needs of children. Our aim is to design shoes which are both durable, comfortable, attractive. We created our models so they can be worn proudly and across all daily activities. Thus was born 10 IS.

We already have a few favorites, and since we have tried these shoes out a couple of times before I know just how well they last. (their durability goes well beyond one child and can easily be passed on to either siblings or friends for more wear). I love how most of their models comes in either lace option or velcro, and there seem to be something for everybody's taste, classic, colour pop or fun patterns.

You can find the first drop of the new collection over at SmallableFrench Blossom / My Little Square and soon also available at Fourmonkeys!

For a full list of retailers and info, please visit:


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brand Watch | Boys&Girls x Malarky

More kidswear labels have turned their eyes to the street and the street art scene for some interesting collaborations. Latest is London based kidswear label Boys&Girls who will collaborate with street artist Malarky to design an exclusive range of limited edition of tees and sweatshirts.

The range will be available in February.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Moments | Escape to Nature

M wears: Cap by Mini & Maximus / Sweatshirt by Missie Munster / pants by Popupshop / shoes by Hummel Kids. D wears: Tee by Munster Kids / Pants by Munster Kids / Shoes by Converse / Cap by Zoo York.

When the temperatures are rising we normally try and escape to cooler areas. Up in the Ranges, the mountains offer cool under the shade of the big ferns and it is so lovely to follow the little hiking paths they have there. We always try and make sure there is no fire warnings in the area, and at this day there was none.

This time around we ventured a bit further and discovered more amazing nature and hidden paths and creeks. Kids love it here and its on days like this where you wish you would live here, although not sure we could handle the distance to where work is. The fire scares are also a bit too much during the summers but it sure is nice to escape here every now and then..

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Code Alert | fourmonkeys

I recently shared the great 50% off SALE over at fourmonkeys and this weekend there is an extra treat. Use the code "ENDOFSALE" to get an extra 10% off of your entire purchase. The code is valid until the end of Sun 26th Jan.

fourmonkeys ship worldwide


Brand Watch | David Beckham X H&M

After the success of his first collection body wear with H&M in 2012, David Beckham is now releasing a range just for kids!

The retired football star has created a line of mini-me pieces for boys, including vests, Henley tops, long johns and shirts.The collection reflects the easy, relaxed style of Beckham's adult range - with vintage sportswear a key inspiration.

There is something rather nice and fresh with this range and since I have a little guy who loves to lounge at home, I wouldn't mind seeing him hang out in some of these pieces.

The collection will be available in selected H&M stores and online on January 30th.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Moments | Playbreak

M wears: Dress by Poppy Rose / Vest by Opiliai / Sandals by Pom D'Api / Hat by Pavement. D wears: Sweatshirt by Soft Gallery / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Tee by Munster Kids / Shoes by Natives.

Some moments from an afternoon in the park. The kids made their own restaurant and invited us to come and eat their pumpkin soup. Of course with two chefs there was a bit of different opinions which herbs should go in ( and D insisted a few sausages should also go in). The sun started to warm up in the end and it was nice to sit under the big shady tree at the playground and watch the kids trying to climb it, and making up new games to play. The tree turned into a pirate hang out and before we knew it, all adults were captured and would be let loose until we tasted the pumpkin soup... luckily the kids settled for going for milkshakes at a nearby cafe instead of us trying their concoction :) Lucky for us!

We are having a long weekend over here in Australia and next week school starts again after a long summer holiday. I still feel like...where did that time go!? But I guess some routines are always good after a long break. Let's see how I feel about it next week. Have a lovely weekend out there!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brand Watch | Soft Gallery SS14 'Nostalgia'

With a new season comes new collections, and here is one that I am looking forward to - Soft Gallery's SS14 'Nostalgia'. 

"Memory is the diary we all carry about with us"

Do you remember having all the time in the world? How daydreams could blend with reality and when the world was all new discoveries? The Soft Gallery SS14 collection ‘Nostalgia’ is spun around childhood memories beautifully made into strong prints and beautiful hand embroideries by a strong line-up of visual artists shaping new unique and poetic items for children, women and home.

Another round of beautiful prints and soft colours which always leaves a dreamy and lasting impression on me. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moments | This is how we Roll

M wears: Tee by Missie Munster / Shorts by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by New Balance. D wears: Tee by Munster / Pants by Rittenhouse / Shoes by Feiyue.

Sun, wheels and fun. A day at the skate park was the perfect choice of recreation today. M brought her new scooter she got for Christmas and D gave the skateboard a try for the first time. On with some knee pads and helmets and off they went. I was very impressed with how D seem to get the whole balance thing on the board straight away. We found a good hill with some short synthetic grass  to start on, and it was good since it wasn't as fast as the concrete but fast enough to get him some idea of how to stand when going downhill.

By the time we ended the session he mastered the concrete hills as well all by himself. M gave it a try as well and I can tell we need to invest in a second board now. Mum here was happy since I got a good excuse to do some skating myself. Shaky at first since it was a couple of years since I stood on the old board, but things comes quickly back, a bit like biking I guess. After a few hours in the skate park we were all tired and hungry so we all decided to go for lunch at one of our favorite lunch places that is fortunately close to the park. We all munched on some lovely pasta, and when the kids were finished they played on the attached playground and low and behold I got to drink a coffee without any interruptions... pretty much a perfect day in my book!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Moments | At the Rock Pools

M wears: Hoodie dress by Missie Munster / dress by Nico Nico / Shoes by Walnut Melbourne. D wears: Hoodie by Munster Kids / Shorts by Munster Kids / Shoes by Natives.

Before the heat wave struck we had plenty of time to hang with the Grandparents who took us to the rock pool. Grandad knows pretty much everything there is about sea life and the kids were eagerly listening to him and helping him to turn the rocks to see what they could find.

We spotted several crabs, sea snails a few startled fishes and helped a couple of jellyfishes to get back into the sea again. By the time we left the water was coming in again, filling all the pools with water and probably leaving us new things to discover next time we arrive.
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