Sunday, January 24, 2016

MOMENTS | Big City Life

SHOP OUTFITS // M wears: art collage tee by Bobo Choses / Skirt by Bobo Choses / Long socks by Bobo Choses / Cat bag by molo / Shoes by Minnetonka. D wears: Tee by Bobo Choses / 3/4 pants by Bobo Choses / Sneakers by Vans.

A trip to the city and a chance to absorb some of its many sights, sounds and colours! We love to visit without any major plans or expectations. Just walk around and see whatever is on offer which generally is a lot! The NGV at Federation square is a great place to visit for a chance to get exposed to some great art and interesting artists.

Level 3 has a great little kids section where there is always something fun happening that the kids and their parents can partake in. This day it was pottery making and it was fun sitting down and making our own little pots that we later could take home. At the same level there was also a design exhibition which the kids loved, so many shapes and colours to look at (and I have to admit, the no touching policy was extra hard in this section! ) Entry to this gallery is free of charge so it is a place that is well worth a visit whether you have kids or not.

After we had been lost in art for a few hours we walked up through the famous street art alley Hosier Lane and then deep into the bustling city for a lunch break at the QV building. A chance to sit down in the indoor/outdoor area relax, eat and let all the impressions from the day sink in.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

MOMENTS | Sweet Run

D wears: Alabama denim by i dig denim / Lauren CP tee by i dig denim / Vans sneakers / Sunglasses by Fred Bare.

A calm school holiday weekday and a chance to sneak off with this guy and grab a coffee and two cheeky small hot chocolates with marshmallows to surprise big sister...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

MOMENTS | Weekend Wanderer

M wears: Knitted top from Bobo Choses / Skirt from Bobo Choses / Long socks from Bobo Choses / Shoes from Feiyue / Sunglasses from Milk&Soda. D wears: T-shirt by Bobo Choses / Denim shorts by i dig denim / Shoes by Converse / Cap by Cth Mini.

Living in Melbourne certainly has it's perks. No matter how many wonderful cafes we visit there always seem to be more around the corner. One lovely cafe that certainly works well for families is Cowderoys Dairy Cafe. Situated in the heart of St.Kilda West it's a great place to head for great coffee and breakfast. The bonus besides the lovely food and drinks is that there is a nice outdoor deck seating area as well as a playground. The interior is that from a classic milk bar and the retro lovers will have a field day here. Great old furniture and fixtures that will take you right back to the good old days. The service was lovely and hardly any wait for the food at all. The kids loved taking in all the small details in the cafe like the hanging kites in the roof, or the old toys carefully displayed on the shelves traveling along the walls.

After we had filled up with some lovely breakfast and had our fun on the playground we explored the nearby alley ways and found some more nice hang outs and parks that we definitely will have to come back to explore some more! Both kiddos are wearing outfits from the amazing new collection from Bobo Choses - Der Blaue Reiter. A blast of colour and creative patterns which is right up our alley and became instant favourites with the kids & us parents. You can find the collection over at Buckets & Spades right now in store and it will go online on January 19th. Be sure to be fast as this brand sells out very quickly and sizes are limited.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

OUTFIT | Mini Denim

Been a while since the last outfit inspo and when I saw I Dig Denim's baby range I couldn't resist putting a little collage together. So here it is... For the little adventurous little denim man!

1. Ted Tee by I dig denim / 2. Ed Sweater Pants by I dig denim / 3. Marius beanie by I dig denim / 4. Orlando vest by i dig denim / 5. The Yucca Mat by Fawn&Cub / 6. Beads Grasper by Grimms / 7. Sneakers by Tip Toey Joey.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

MOMENTS | A Trip to Garden of Eden

M wears: Amma rose Top by iglo+indi / Minna hare pants by iglo+indi. D wears: Eyfi Penguin pants by iglo+indi / Toki Panda top by iglo+indi.

The best thing about holidays are of course that you get to do more of what you like. One place we haven't been to before but have wanted to visit for a while is the Garden of Eden Nursery. A little green oasis in the middle of Albert Park. Ever since our little palm tree died (yes I can't brag about having very green fingers) we needed a new green friend in our livingroom. A good friend recommended this nursery, and what a little treasure trove it is! They have an abundance of both indoor and outdoor plants and for the interior lover there is plenty to feast your eyes on as well! The kids loved visiting and it was fun making plans for our little garden. If you ever are in the area it's definitely worth a visit!

We ended up getting a lush parlor palm for our living room and a nifty little air plant for our dino planter at home, and yes, we ended up with a cute little polar bear which miss M couldn't resist.
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