Thursday, January 31, 2013

New In at Minibots

Pssst! While there is big hype around the tiny fashion world right now about Bobo Choses SS13 collection hitting the shelves over in Europe, there is no denying it, Autumn and Winter is coming up for us living on this side of the globe and then it is great that Minibots have stocked up with some winter threads from Bobo Choses. Check out these playful threads... what's not to like with geometrical prints and doodle faces? Perfect of you are looking for something that is a bit out of the ordinary and I can promise you will be popular with the kids themselves!

:: Bobo Choses @ Minibots ::

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New in the Wardrobe

New winter kit for the little guy arrived today from Oii. Been eying this cozy winter jacket from Swedish TheBRAND for ages, and when it was on sale I couldn't help but getting it for the upcoming winter here Down Under. The lucky thing about living in an opposite season is of course you get to shop on sale for things you actually need very soon! We also threw in a pair of grey leggings from Rockefella (this guy basically live in his leggings) and a long sleeve (sorry, sold out)  from one of our favorite Australian labels, Munster Kids!

Size info: Jacket size 5 / Long sleeve size 4 / Leggings size 4-5 ( D is 3 1/2 and all items fits well.)

All items on sale over att Oii barnkläder

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Petit Grocery Jean Gustav hits Scandinavian Minimall

The new spring/summer collection from Bobo Choses will soon hit the shelves over at Scandinavian Minimall, The collection entitled Petit Grocery Jean Gustav is a delicious mix of vegetables and organic produce! Again the Spanish label shows that they can make absolutely anything look stylish, and what a better way to promote healthy eating than wearing it... Can't wait for this one to come out!

:: Bobo Choses at Scandinavian Minimall ::

Monday, January 28, 2013

Moments | Australian Garden

D wears: Tee by Bobo Choses // Leggings by Nico Nico // Shoes by Converse // Cap by Munster Kids. M wears: Top by Soft Gallery // Pants by Minti // Shoes by Hummel // Cap by Seed.

Some (OK yes its almost photo bombing warning here) photos of our trip up to the Australia Garden in Cranbourne. We have been here once before a while back but we thought yesterday was a good day to go for a little hike in the rather lovely surroundings that belongs to the Royal Botanical Garden service. It was suppose to be a rather cool day but that of course all changed in proper Melbourne fashion and all of a sudden it was rather hot in the ye old sun. We cut down our plan of a long hike to a rather more pleasant stroll to their picnic area and playground. The colours of the vegetation was lovely. Lots of golden warm tones and the rich red soil was always extraordinary to see. 

They have a giant sandpit in the middle of the picnic area and the kids loved the break from the walking and all of a sudden all those tired legs must have gotten new energy because climbing they had no trouble with!! M conqured her fear of the big climbing pyramid and went to the top with a smile on her face (always nice to see your kids do something that you know takes a bit of extra determination and then succeeding).

After the stroll back to the cafe we all agreed on the only way to actually get the kids to walk on their own (read shoulder rides were given) was to lure with an icy pole.... and that made perfect end to our outing for the day! Hope your weekends out there was nice too...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bunny Love | Soft Gallery

Oh my! I am melting... and so is my 6 year old daughter. We got this top from Soft Gallery in the mail from the lovely Amber over at Minibots and it was love at first sight! Bunny love!! M squealed of delight and decided to write a thank you note, because if there is something that makes this girl squeal right now, its bunnies. Made out of soft powder pink fabric with embroidered details like the eyelashes and bow, and with added pearls for eyes it is a top that will be a favorite for a long time to come! Available soon at Minibots...

:: Soft Gallery at Minibots ::


Today we are laying around with filled BBQ bellies and the near distant memories of sparkly fireworks in the night... Australia Day we love you! I am charging up with these energetic photos from Morgan Maassen.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

California COOL | Mini & Maximus SS13

It's coming folks!! Mini & Maximus SS13 collection entitled Shaka Muchacha! I have had the pleasure of seeing up front and holding the garments and I am telling you it is a whole lot of rad! The whole collection is infused with summer soaked California cool and is a tribute to the olden, golden days of the surfer/skate era in California. You can also look forward to some new additions, like home goods and accessories. The collection will be online at Mini & Maximus webshop around mid February. Get ready for summer!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Moments | Friday Details

D wears: Thermal leggings by American Apparel // Raglan long sleeve by Mini & Maximus // Hoodie by American Apparel // Shoes by Converse // Beanie by Vans // Necklace is home made from summer beach adventures.

Friday at last, and slap a long weekend on that (with Australia Day = public holiday) and a big smile is across our faces. That means, BBQ, firework and an extra day to kick back on... a good recipe for a good weekend! LOVE. Happy Friday out there!!!

Brand Watch | Bang Bang CPH SS13

It's fun and festive as usual with Bang Bang Copenhagen's SS13 collection. Unique cuts and playful ideas styled with perfect balance of grey, black and white with a bit of colour tossed in on top! Great quirky prints and sowed on applications like clouds, flags, bows and fantastic collars. This collection will be available at both Scandinavian Miniamal and Minibots, so go and have a look and figure out your favorites...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moments | Summer Forever

M wears: Dress by Kit+Lili // Shoes by Vivobarefoot.

Summer filled photos from my camera and yesterdays adventures. Love the days when all you have to put on is a thin layer of a dress and then walk out. We bought this dress by Kit + Lili a while back and M discovered it again hanging in the wardrobe and instantly wanted to wear it. The perfect summer dress for yesterday. Unfortunately it seems like the label has stopped making clothes otherwise I would have provide a link for it. It always feels a bit sad when the great labels go down or stop producing new lines. I guess it serves as a good reminder to support the small designers and get those timeless clothes that will last in the wardrobe. These are the days that will last us through winter, the days that are filled with warm winds and the sound of breaking waves on the beach.

May the summer never end!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moments | Warm, Slow Days

M wears: Baggy leggings by Skandinavian Raw // Top by Witchery Kids // Shoes by Native Shoes // Tote bag by Missie Munster

Some random photos from one of our days on school holiday. There has been something different this school holiday. A calm, an easy going feeling and most of all no feeling of "I wish it was back to school already" because lets face it, a 6 year old need things to do, like all the time! One of the most obvious things about the age difference between mum and daughter is definitely the urge to have things to do, constantly. I so remember the feeling from that age, that if there were nothing on the agenda you tried to think up something so the day wouldn't be without a plan. Now, I have to say I am so content with very little on the agenda. An hour with no aims or plans is great.

But this holiday we have been in sync with each other. We stroll the little local shops, do some craft lessons here and there, catch a movie together or just hang out at the beach. I am wondering which of us that has changed?? I am fearing it might be my little girl that is growing up... so I am hoping it is my tolerance level that has increased instead :) The days is quickly running out before school starts again, and I can honestly say I wished we had a few more weeks together. This has definitely been the best summer holiday yet!!
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