Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New in the Wardrobe

New winter kit for the little guy arrived today from Oii. Been eying this cozy winter jacket from Swedish TheBRAND for ages, and when it was on sale I couldn't help but getting it for the upcoming winter here Down Under. The lucky thing about living in an opposite season is of course you get to shop on sale for things you actually need very soon! We also threw in a pair of grey leggings from Rockefella (this guy basically live in his leggings) and a long sleeve (sorry, sold out)  from one of our favorite Australian labels, Munster Kids!

Size info: Jacket size 5 / Long sleeve size 4 / Leggings size 4-5 ( D is 3 1/2 and all items fits well.)

All items on sale over att Oii barnkläder


  1. Cool finds again! :)
    (My son has that same Munster-print in a t-shirt, same jacket but green and has had similar Rockefella-leggings in black. ;) )

    1. Sari - ah, yes we do have very similar taste :) We thought about the green one but ended up going black. We also have the Munster print in a sweatshirt that we love, so couldn't walk past the long sleeve (+ it's perfect for hiding stains!)


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