Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Owl Costume

Had to share this DIY project - Owl Costume with you. How awesome is this costume?? Details on how to make one for your little peep is available over at mom inc. daily. Too cute!

A Home in Finland

Loving this simple yet full of energy home from Finland. I am so amazed how stylish most homes are with their bold patterns and light spaces... wonderful!!

via RTIF


Can't help but wishing I could knit when I see pictures like this. So soft and warm, perfect for the slowly creeping in winter that is coming over here in Australia soon. Here are a few pictures to inspire you all. Stay warm and enjoy the sun out there!!

via El jardin rojo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your Own ABC Flashcards

There is a great "how to" over at Nonchalant Mom on how to make your own personal flash cards to teach your kids the ABC. There is nothing that works better than images they have helped and created themselves... brilliant!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Have a safe and fun Easter everybody!! Here's a link if you haven't made those bunny ears already...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Casual Cool

There is no shortage of cool clothes for boys these days. I picked together some nice threads for a casual cool lad. You can find most items over at Oii barnkläder. The tee is my own design and the shoes you can find over at the adidas shop. What is your favorite online shop for kids? Would love to hear :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mae Engelgeer

Now when the house is starting to get colder in the evenings, you start to dream of nice big throws you can wrap around you and your loved ones. These from Dutch fabric designer Mae Engelgeer are high on my list...

available here.


Ever since I caught this little animation for kids on TV a few years ago I have been totally smitten. With the enigmatic voice of Stephen Fry and the super duper cute characters topped with some amazing animation from the guys over at Zinkia Entertainment. Do I need to add that my kids LOVE it?? Nah didn't think so!

Fine Little Day

is an inspirational run blog run by Elisabeth Dunker. I don' t think many people have been able to miss just how good it is. She is posting about art and design related observations, and she also run a very nice little shop where you can find things like posters, pillows, books etc.
I couldn't help myself from buying this poster below. I love how the colours and details remind me of the Tove Jansson universe (Moomin), and it will look absolutely lovely in our kitchen in about a weeks time. I can definitely see this poster in a kids rooms as well.

visit Fine Little Day

Monday, April 18, 2011

R.O.C. on!!

Recycled organic cotton made from 100% organic cotton noil, which is left over, when the cotton boles have been spun into yarn, for a new way of sustainability which gives nature a well deserved break. A perfect treat for Mother Earth.

A variety of tees and long sleeves as well as shorts and summer suits are available at most Katvig stockists now. I wish more clothing brands would look into doing clothes like this. Not only does the fabric get really soft and a free vintage look, but all that waste cotton finally have a reason to be used! Roc on!!

Style Milk Shop

The wonderful fashion source Style Milk has finally opened their doors to their very own online shop... Great finds for both kids and women. They stock some fine brands like, Mini Rodini, Ritten house, Wovenplay, Ola & Olek etc.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I had to share this image. This is Karl Lagerfeld's personal library... I bet if I let my 2 year old son in there he would be VERY quiet for a long time. Let's just say he wouldn't be reading.. more like tearing.

papier mache issue 6

There is always heaps of inspiration to find in papier mache's issues. Issue 6 is out now and is available for download. As per usual there is some amazing photographs in there, go and have a look!

A home in Göteborg, Sweden

Bright and colourful apartment in the heart of Göteborg, Sweden. What's not to like?? Maybe it's those geometric shapes that got me again ;).

Lookbook gallore has got a great little lookbook feature on their webpage that is great for inspiration. Here are some of their combinations that I think will rock this summer. Especially love the geeky chick with green denims and the orange twill pants. Rock on colour!

Ps: Don't forget to check out the adult lookbook while you are there...

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Felt a bit creative and slapped some tees together with some of my favorite patterns. Well for some reason I am really loving the geometric shapes and patterns these days. Think there is way to little of it in children's fashion so here is a quick take on a couple of colourful summer tees... would go nice with some worn jeans like Kulör...

Alphabet Heroes

Fabian Gonzalez's love for superheroes brings back a wave of childhood nostalgia in latest illustration of ABCs in true superhero style! Standing in the first row are Aquaman, Batman, Cyclops and Daredevil...can you name the rest?

a. aquaman, b. batman, c. cyclops, d. daredevil, e. elektra, f. flash gordon, g. green lantern h. the hulk, i. iron man, j. justice, k. kick-ass, l. lion-o, m. mandrake the magician, n. nightcrawler, o. orion, p. punisher, q. quicksilver, r. rorschach, s. superman, t. the thing, u. ultra boy, v. vision, w. wolverine,
x. xavier, y. yukk! z. zorro

Friday, April 15, 2011

In Print!

Scandinavian illustration at it's best - Ingela P Arrhenius is always full of amazing ideas and prints... so talented!

Hug your head!

With one of these lovely Australian beanies...
unfortunately they only come in kid sizes.
All from Acorn Kids.


There are A LOT of designer furniture out there for kids, but I have to say that this one is pretty good. I have always loved when designers think out of the box and design something that the child can grow with and use long after they have grown out of their infant stage. We often had to have our babies with us, either in the living room, kitchen etc, especially in those early days when there just wasn't much of a routine and they slept a little bit here and there. Then it was great with a cradle that had wheels on it and as soon as they fell asleep we just wheeled him/her into the bedroom. This is just that, but that it also converts into a great craft/table when they get older. Simply clever!

BE MINI, THE ingenious cradle which will become your child's first playtable, once turned upside down.
Thanks to its light structure and four wheels, BE MINI is easy to move around, and you will be able to keep baby next to you. A practical cradle, easy to integrate in the contemporary house, availble in white, orange or blue.

Design for Kids in Brussels

Some inspirational pictures from an children's exhibition in Brussels last year. This stand is from Design for Kids. Don't you just love the colour, and the vintage little furniture are so nice! Check out the massive Eames Hang-it-all in the last picture...crazy! A smaller version is available in Oz here.

In the Bag!

Latest soft finds for my little peeps. It is getting colder in Australia and the sudden urge to check the wardrobe for long sleeves and pants has started. Did a quick scout over at Oii & Baby Fryd and found heaps of warm goods. Here are some of my finds that will hopefully keep my little people warm this autumn/winter.

Top from left.
Sweatpants - TheBrand
CityCollage - TheBrand
Leggings - mini rodini
Beanie City - TheBrand
Sweatshirt Cat - mini rodini

Bottom from left.
Hooded Sweatshirt - Alba Baby
Velour Sweatpants - Småfolk

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pay it Forward

Vigga Svensson CEO and designer from Katvig talks a bit about their great recycle organic line R.O.C. that is coming very soon... rock on recycle!!

Graffiti artist + Playground = Originality!

CEBRA Archi­tects tapped graf­fiti artist HuskMit­Navn to design this fan­tas­tic play­ground for the new Design Kinder­garten in Kolding, Den­mark. When I lived in Denmark I saw this artist's work everywhere and I think it is a brilliant way of getting some new originality into the playgrounds out there...

via handmade charlotte

Le Marais du Billet School - Switzerland

I would not have dreaded back-to-school if our school had looked like this! In fact, most of us would be happy if our office looked like this! Interestingly, more and more schools are starting to look like appealing places of work, while creative offices often look like play rooms. Is there some strange psychological explanation to this, or is it just that we are willing to break the perceived rules a bit and rethink what a school or place of work should look like? Design thinking in action?

This cool school is located in Cheseaux, north of Lausanne, Switzerland. The project by Lausanne-based Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann has appeared in the media since its completion two years ago, but it deserves to be viewed again.

via Cool Hunter.

Petit Nord

When my son was little he (like I am sure many other babies) was determined to take off all his socks, or moccasins or shoes. I simply couldn't get him to have anything on his feet. That is until I came across a few baby shoes from Danish Petit Nord. They were the softest little moccasins I have ever seen, and even better they stayed on. I can warmly recommend their baby moccasins and they will last even though they get used every day (like there were on my son).

Thought of You

Lately I have missed working with animations and the longing doesn't get any better when you stumble upon some amazing piece of animation like this. This 2d short animation has manage to fuse the beautiful art of dance and animation into one incredible visual treat. Made by Ryan Woodward and it is called Thought of You. Enjoy!

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Danish Molo has been a favorite for quite some time at our home, and you can't find any better quality than this. We have a pair of Molo pants that has been handed down 3 times and they still look brand new! If you are after a cosy combo for your little lad or gal, then head on over to Baby Goes Retro and nab a few of these retrolicious threads!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Two cute onesies from Appaman, who are now available at American Target.
The company has brought its signature designs to Target with an oh-so cute (and affordable!) layette line. Available in sizes from 0 to 9 months, it includes everything from fun coveralls and bodysuits to cozy blankets all under $13.

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