Friday, August 31, 2012


Some little outtakes from today's adventures... Rocks & Puddles makes for a happy little boy any day!

Today's mini outfit

Todays mini outfit: Tee by Munster // Leggings by Kiniki // Beanie by Seed // Sneakers by Puma.

You can never go wrong with black and white and in this case black goes a long way! (read, this boy gets dirty a lot!!) Both leggings and tee is from Minibots lovely selection.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moments | Mr.Cheeky

D wears: Zip up jacket by Minti // Tee by Minti // Jeans by Cotton On Kids // Cap by Element // Shoes by Puma.

Always keeping me on my toes this one... today was no different. Full of life, full of run, full of exploring. Thank goodness I didn't wait too long to have kids, you almost have to be a certified marathon runner to keep up. Zip zap zip zap...

Wild Berry & Indigo!

The new Autumn/Winter range from Scotch Soda's kids line has started to land in different stores now.
Plum, violet, burgundy and mauve: the heady stains of a sweet Grape Soda are Scotch R'Belle's all-new colour palette, with a focus on silk, knits, embellishment and shine for the girls this Fall Winter '12.

And dark, rich blue denim for the boys this season with Scotch Shrunk, introducing cool alternative trimmings, texture and various shades of Indigo. What's not to like?!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moments | Triangle Love

M wears: Zip up sweater by Bobo Choses // Baggy leggings by Popupshop // Ugg boots by Emu // Cat beanie by Cotton On.

A nice little package from Orfeo came today. Two Bobo Choses tops, one which had to be tried out instantly. We do love a bit of triangles so we got a bit of a happy dance out of it...

For the wee lad!

There is no need to complain that there isn't enough great clothes out there for the little guys. Just check out this line up from About A Boy! Your little man will be styling it in no time...

From top left.
1. Fox Hoodie vest by Minti 
2. Sweatshirt shorts by Minti
3. Fox envelope tee by Minti
4. I Am New bib by Minti
5. Beanie cap by Knucklehead
6. Bear onesie by Minti
7. Singlets by Knucklehead
8. Owl blanket by Minti
9. Donuts onesie by Minti
10. Sweatshirt shorts by Minti
11. Yum bib by Minti.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moments | After School

M wears: Owl tee by Minti // Heart pants by Minti // Jacket by Minti // Cap by Munster Kids // Shoes by Natives

Some rare warmer weather and it was a good time to go out and play with the neighbors, skate, draw with chalk and steal a ride of little brothers bike...

Soft Gallery @ Minibots!

Even though the weather is telling a different story at the moment, there sure is summer in full swing over at Minibots. Check out the new Soft Gallery drop they just have had. All online now and ready to get summer inspired by! Their selection is so nice for summer and here are just a few of our favorites. There are plenty of nice things for baby as well, so no one have to go without... Bring on summer!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wild Shop!

1. Minti Swimming Bear singlet // 2. Minti Zip Up Sports Hood // 3. Minti Night Owl Tee // 4. Minti Ace of Spades Tee // 5. Minti Heart Summer Trackies // 6. Minti Huff Puff Zip Up.

We shopped up a wild Minti shop over at Wild and Mini recently. A part of a gracious thank you for M's model stint for them. We can't wait to rock these cool threads this summer!

Wild and Mini have FREE shipping within Australia and FREE shipping worldwide for orders over $150. Check it out!

Moments | Farm Life

M wears: Jacket by Geggamoja // Jeans by I Dig Denim // Sweatshirt by Mini Rodini // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Hummel. D wears: Jacket by Danefæ // Jeans by Popupshop // Cap by Diesel // Shoes by Vans.

On Sunday we took the opportunity to visit a farm not too far from where we live. We were thinking of going to the Zoo, but opted for some more close contact with animals which was a good idea. Our 3 year old particularly loved the experience and even if he have seen animals lots of time before it was a great age to go exploring and get to feed them up close. I loved how he had no fear at all when it came to feeding the animals. He fed emus, donkeys, goats, horses, chickens, piglets.. you name it. M loved it as well of course and wished she could take the whole farm with her home. She is right at that age where a pet is number 1 on the wishlist. We are giving the little guy a few more years and then I think we might just get a pet because I sure miss having one as well.

M even got a chance at milking a cow which she figured out very quickly. I think we got a good farm hand in our family..haha. After a sturdy farm lunch we drove back with big smiles and after only about 35 min we were back in the city and full of fresh air and memories of a good day on the farm.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moments | Marina

M wears: Hoodie by The Brand // Jeans by Shrunk by Scotch // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Hummel. D wears: Jacket by Danefæ // Hoodie by The Brand // Jeans by I dig denim // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Vans.

Some photos from yesterdays visit to the Marina. It was fun watching the big boats/yachts and there were some nice little restaurants and cafes down there as well. Kids were munching on calamari while the big people enjoyed some fresh fish and chips. This will definitely be a place to come back to, but when it gets a bit warmer. I can imagine it is a nice spot when the weather is warmer and you can enjoy to sit on one of the cozy balconies that the restaurants have overlooking the marina. They also have some nice boat tours there that could be fun to go on. Today we also visited a nice little farm which was such a nice time. Both kids enjoyed feeding the many animals they had there, and they had a go at milking a cow too... Been a busy weekend but fun! Hope yours have been nice too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moments | Burning energy

M wears: Jeans by Shrunk by Scotch // Hoodie by The Brand // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Hummel.  D wears: Jeans by I Dig Denim // Hoodie by The Brand // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Vans.

It feels like we are never going to get a nice warm weekend to enjoy. Every weekend has turned into some cold excuse to stay inside. Well with kids there is no such option, so we drove to a big park where the kids could go nuts with their scooters. Us parents tried to keep up as quick as we could. It is amazing how quick they zoom off on those scooters. The wind was quite hard so we didn't stay for too long but instead opted to drive back towards the city and head to a marina and check out some big boats and nice cafes. I will post some photos of that adventure tomorrow instead.. right now it's time for dinner then they are showing How to Train your Dragon, which is a bit of a favorite here at home, so I am sensing a bit of couch hanging and popcorn coming this way... Hope you all are having a good weekend too. 
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