Friday, May 31, 2013

Moments | Wheels

D wears: Pants by SKRW / Hoodie by Vans / Cap by Zoo York / Shoes by Feiyue.

No matter what weather we get, this little guy has to get out on his bike. He is hooked. It took him a while to figure out how to get speed on it but now there is no stopping him. Good thing about rain is you get puddles and puddles are great to drive in, so today was a designated "splash with your bike" day. I am pondering if I should put the peddles on the bike now or wait, but I have to agree that I like that I can still catch up with him if he decides to put "the pedal to the metal". Now on the scooter there is no such luck. He takes off like a missile so that's where I get my exercise these days :) Think this one will be a speed lover that is for sure, better arm him with lots of safety gear!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Molo celebrates 10 Years!

The bad boy of children's fashion molo turns 10 in 2013! For the past 10 years, molo has been dressing kids for all occasions. It's first and foremost molo's daring prints and quicky styles that have, in the past 10 years, given a whole new generation of children an injection of high voltage charm.

Since its conception, molo has consistently strived to be the brand of choice to fill cheildren' sclosets everywehre. molo has tken pride in providing favorites like dresses, knits, jackets and trousers and much more, all with playful, functional details that appeal to a child's selective and curious nature.

In 2003 molo debuted with a collection designed for 2 to 8 year olds, but after a few seasons one thing became clear, the world wanted to see more styles and sizes from molo. In 2005, new moms and dads were no longer disappointed because molo added its quicky styles in sizes all the way down to size 56.

Molo has chosen to celebrate its 10-year jubilee by focusing on what it does best: crafting quirky styles with interesting details, innovative prints and surprising colour mixes. It’s these qualities that have made molo a perennial favourite. To mark its 10-year jubilee, molo is proud to launch molo favourites, designed in partnership with molo’s faithful fans who voted for their favourite prints on molo's Facebook page. The prints they most wanted to see again are the fabulous dalmation print, the cool model airplane print in turquioise and orange, and last but not least, the adorable rabbit print that makes every girl's heart skip a beat. 

The molo favourite series is available in stores in the beginning of June 2013, and the series also offers new, exciting styles, including ones that play with molo's iconic stars.

:: MOLO ::

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moments | Keeping Warm

M wears: Soni Fleece Dressy by Missie Munster / Zee leggings by Missie Munster / Shoes by Hummel / Beanie by Cotton On.

Fleece is the big word here right now. Rugging up is necessary and fleece seems to do the trick of getting the kids warm but not hot. We are loving this stonewashed dress by Missie Munster. The zebra print is a big hit with my girl and I love it comes with a hoodie too. The Zee leggings are sown in a great way and scrunches up around the ankles and has a tiger patterned blue and black stripes that you just see up close. We are hoping the sun will be kind to us and give us a few more days of its presence since it seems like colds and running noses are starting to come closer :(

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello from Instagram

Some quick snapshots from the world of Instagram. A winter outfit that will be used a lot / Some coffee consumption for those long afternoons / Travel dreams are good to keep in mind, here Paris and New York.

D's winter outfit: Cap from Zoo York / Winter jacket from The Brand / Cord pants from Shampoodle / Shoes from 10IS.

Monday, May 27, 2013


A big part of fueling my own inspiration is street art, living in Melbourne I get to see a fair bit and it always gets me going. I thought I would share a few artists that I love and get inspired from. Today I thought I would show some work of American artist Jeff Soto. Born in 1975, his distinct colour palette, subject matter and technique have been said to bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and Street Art.

Inspired by youthful nostalgia, nature, graffiti, hip-hop and popular culture. His bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.

For more info and to see more work of Jeff Soto visit his << website. >>


In case you haven't heard of French online shop noeuf, here is a good chance to get a closer look. Right now they are having a Spring Sale from Saturday May 25th until May 31st. They are offering -30% on Fashion & -70% in their Outlet section! Grab up some great bargains and get to know a great concept store for babies & kids.

noeuf delivers worldwide, no codes or vouchers needed, prizes as marked.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Style Book °3 : Minor De:tales

I had fun creating a style section for French shoe label 10IS. Here is our winter suggestion with their cool Chino Washed sneakers.

"A third edition “made in Australia” since it’s Annica from the blog Minor De:tales who gives us her selection, made for 10 IS.

“Over here on the other side of the world, more precisely Australia, we are heading towards colder days and Winter. Since our winter doesn’t get as chilly as in Europe this is the sort of outfit my boy would wear a lot. Cozy Hoodies, colourful pants & beanie on the head!

And of course some all around sneakers to match with every outfit. These chino washed versions will go with pretty much everything we have!”
Minor De:tales

From Melbourne, Annica shares inspirations from the small universe on her blog Minor De:tales. True “Jack of all trades”, she also publishes amazing pics of moments spent with her two kids. With her own style, she offers many outfit ideas, always right. Another blog to add to your favorites…

Sweater American Outfitters
T-Shirt Munster Kids
Pants Bakker Made With Love
Ten Lace Chino Wash Navy 10 IS
Beanie Bluezoo

Big thanks to 10IS for having us!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SS13 Fashion Sale | My Little Square

Oh! It is hard to choose what to get from My Little Square's SS13 FASHION SALE right now. They are having a 30% OFF on all fashion items, if you use code: VM30.

If you haven't shopped at My Little Square yet I can tell you it is packed with lovely clothes, toys, decor, shoes for the little ones. You can find labels like, Bobo Choses, Indikidual, Gro, Mini & Maximus, The Brand, Emile et Ida, Mini Rodini to just mention some. This sale last from 21st - 31st of May.  Above is some of our favorite things from their selection.  Note: only fashion items are on sale.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moments | Zipping up that Hoodie!

M wears: Sparkle hoodie by Missie Munster / Beanie by Coal. D wears: Hoodie by American Apparel / Beanie by Volcom / Jeans by H&M.

The colder weather have set in over here. Every now and then we get some amazing days with clear blue sky and warming sun, but one thing is for sure, winter is coming. One thing we wear a lot in this family is the zip up hoodies. Great for layering up on those nippy days, and great of taking off if the sun decides to make an appearance. Today it was full on winter jacket weather, but I am sure by the time it is afternoon we have gone back to the trusty zip up hoodies again. These two are new favorites, from Missie Munster and American Apparel.

10IS for GIVE LOVE Foundation

One thing that companies can do but maybe doesn't do enough is to support different foundations through their products. French shoe label 10IS has joined forces with Patricia Arquette and her << GIVE LOVE >> Foundation that gives assistance to children in Haiti.

They wanted to support this project, working together to create two models - in limited
edition - with GIVE LOVE colors.
For each pair sold, benefits will be given to the association GIVE LOVE.

GIVE LOVE was founded in 2010 by Patricia Arquette and Rosetta Millington-Getty.
The association works to promote eco-sanitation on the island. If there are several
different approaches, GIVE LOVE chose teaching. The foundation opened community
centers providing training, technical support, and environmental education. Give
Love also helps to build dry toilets throughout the country.

«When you work on improving sanitation, like we do in Haiti,you start to really see
the big picture. Sanitation is the keystone to solving so many problems in the world--
improving public health, reducing child mortality, recycling and reducing waste, and
protecting water resources.» Patricia Arquette

Available in all the Pom d’Api stores and selected shops.

Visit :: GIVE LOVE :: or :: 10IS :: for more info.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Go Mad for Lucky Boy Sunday

Have you seen the lovely big selection of Lucky Boy Sunday over at Scandinavian Minimall? It is like a smorgardsbord full of colour and cuddliness. These quirky goodies normally goes fast so get in quick if there is something you have fallen for. Loved by adults and children alike.

:: Lucky Boy Sunday @ Scandinavian Minimall ::

Monday, May 20, 2013

Moments | MoMA visit

D wears: Moto longsleeve by Finger In the The Nose / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Converse / Cap beanie by Diesel + borrowed Dad's Mass Effect beanie.

A fun trip to the Museum of Modern Art from the other weekend. We have never visited this place before and we were so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful garden, sculptures and not to mention the museum itself. This time around we just visited the outside grounds and the cafe, but we are planning to back really soon to visit the great exhibit that is now on by Fiona Hall.

The big grounds are covered with fun sculptures that the kids are allowed to explore close up, and it has the most beautiful little corners with the best climbing trees, and at the moment all the kids seem to love building big piles of leaves and jumping in them and since it is full on Autumn here, there is plenty to go around! We were also fortunate to see a praying mantis up close which was such a treat because they truly are amazing looking insects.

The kids also enjoyed the arts and craft corner where they could create their own art and bring home with them. Next time we will bring a picnic basket and enjoy a whole day there with the grandparents!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New in at Minibots | Bobo Choses + Tattyoo

New cute items from the selections of Minibots. The new SS13 collection from Bobo Choses has landed on the shelves, and are going fast so make sure you grab the items you are after fast.

1. Baby Overall by Bobo Choses / 2. Mr Cook singlet by Bobo Choses / 3. Minifanfan tattoos by Tattyoo / 4. Overall with straps by Bobo Choses / 5. Mint cushion by BalLab.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Moments | Winter Wonder

M wears: Sunday Full Zip by AO / Candy tee by AO / Skinny denims by Cotton on Kids / Shoes by 10IS.

Last week was probably the best weather you could ever wish for in the Autumn/Winter months here. 25C and sun with crips blue sky. The mood just goes to another place of high and everybody seem to smile and say hello. This week, the opposite. Rain, freezing wind and nobody is hanging around to play on playgrounds. Then it is good to look back on some photos and remember that hopefully it won't be too long until the sun will be back and give us days where you can wear a tee again.

M was very fortunate to get to try out some clothes from AO, american outfitters from Orange Mayonnaise. We were so impressed with the quality of this label (as I have mentioned before here). The hoodie is gorgeous with lovely details like the embroided front and star lined fabric in the hood, and the tee is such a nice popping yellow which makes it the perfect pick-me-up tee for any occasion (plus we love the graphics on it!!). M decided to jump into her fluo 10IS shoes which just made the whole outfit bounce of colour & fun. After a trip to our old stomping grounds we had a chance to visit the market place and do some grocery shopping. That brought back so many good memories. We definitely have to go back to visit soon again. Hope all of you have a nice Friday and get a relaxing weekend to enjoy!
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