Sunday, December 30, 2012

In the land of Summer

D wears: Tee by Munster Kids // Boardies by Cotton on Kids // Cap by Munster Kids. M wears: Sweatshirt by Mini & Maximus // Tutu by Cotton on Kids // Cap by Billabong.

The sun is on a roll these days. We are having 25C almost everyday and the weather has been nice and stable so the days down by the water have been quite lovely. We went to one of our favorite spots today, but it was fairly windy down there so only D was brave enough to run in and have a dip! M insisted on wearing her tutu all day so it was a pretty fancy beach outfit for her today... It started with tears though. Right when we got down by the beach we walked out on a pier and the wind blew M's new hat off her head and into the deep end of the harbor. Big tears but not much to do since it sank and decided to get stuck behind a pier pole. Such is life on a windy day!

She quickly cheered up though with a bit of water play and jumping over the frequent waves with D.
I have found our kids are truly happy down on the beach... its simple joy, and it gives us parents a bit of a carefree day to kick back on. Summer we love you! You are the best baby sitter ever :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Never Gets Old...

It never gets boring apparently... bubbles makes the world go around, or at least over here.  Big bubble session after a beach visit yesterday and the camera snapped a few moments. Hope you are enjoying some downtime yourselves :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the meantime...

... we are enjoying summer Down Under :)

1. Embracing summer // 2. Happy Summer Kids // 3. Pizza & Lemonade break after evening beach swim // 4. M in her Santa hat and new Mima tee // 5. M checking out the wind surfers // 6. A windy day on the beach // 7. Lolly pop break at the gas station // 8. Coffee visit at Omars.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moments | Xmas Day

So Santa finally came to this house as well, and the was no end to the joy!! The old trusty camera had to be in to capture some of all that crazy happiness, and here are just a few snaps of some of the loved presents that Santa brought. I love how the house goes quiet after all the unwrapping has been done, and you got a whole day of just kids playing with their new things. This year we decided to just do exactly what we wanted, eat what we wanted (without traditional musts) so we ended up cooking this lovely herbed chicken roast, with baked vegetables and red currents. And ended off with a cookies and cream venetian ice cream cake. We were so stuffed after that!!

The whole family bunched together in the couch and watched Peter & The Wolf  and Home Alone... it was a lovely day full of happy kids, content adults relaxing and building toy sets, sipping on nice drinks and eating lovely food. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas out there too!! Today we are off to the beach... one of the funny perks of spending Christmas Down Under.

The lovely make it yourself banner and stacking dolls c/o Minibots!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

To all my lovely readers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2013 Year!!! Posts on the blog will be sporadic over the holidays since we have a lot of fun things to attend to with the family, but I am sure our instagram feed will keep going as usual. I hope you get to relax and just hang out with loved ones... Don't forget to open that top button after Christmas dinner ;)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let The Holiday Begin!

Some instagram moments from today... half day at school, so a short day for the little man and myself. We spent it spoiling ourself with park visits and a long lazy breakfast at a local hangout. We also got a last minute soft parcel delivery from Scandinavia and Oii. Some sale shopping, and great with a few soft goodies to wrap up. We haven't gotten a lot of those this year, because summer time means very little clothes is necessary :) We picked up M at school after lunch and now it is OFFICIALLY HOLIDAY!! Yaaay!! Let the lazy days begin....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Moments | Let's keep moving!

D wears: Longsleeve by Mini & Maximus // Pants by Mini & Maximus // Beanie by Vans.

We bought this bike for D when he turned 2, but no matter how much we lowered the seat it was still to high...until now! The little guy refuses to leave the house without a little spin on the bike, and finally he is getting the hang of the balance part. This particular one comes with attachable pedals and training wheels for when the balance stage is over with. Holiday is coming up in big style... One more day in school then we are official on Holiday. Not sure how active the blog will be during the holiday break. We have written down a long list of fun things to do, but if I got some time to spare I might put some photos up of what we have been up to over the break.

I hope you all have a lovely time and get to eat a lot of lovely food and enjoy the excitement that is Christmas. Happy Holidays to you all!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New In | Nico Nico

Got the urge to show you the latest buys I did from a popup sale via Style By Agency. We stocked up on some Nico Nico, a brand that we already love for their great quality and softness in their fabric.  Even though the clothes are basics they simply have some lovely details that makes them quite special. I am weak for charcoal (goes so well with anything, especially denims) so we got two tops to get us through both summer and Autumn, and some lovely thick sweatpants. The sizing is a little bit on the smaller side so we grabbed the size 6 so we got something to grow into. I would say they are more like a size 5, so if you buy from this season of Nico Nico go 1 size up to be sure.

For more images of this collection entitled "Undergrad" see here.


She had to wait patiently the little Princess, but here she is, the Christmas list for the Tiny Princess!! Still time to get those last minute gifts in (most online stores are now offering express shipping for all orders)... All items are from the lovely selection of Minibots / Scandinavian Minimall / Oii / Skip To My Lou & Baby Goes Retro.

1. Sleepingbag by La Cerise Le Gateau // 2. Suede moccasin by Livly // 3. Peekabo blanket by Bu! The blanket // 4. Hair clip by Cutie Dootie // 5. Onesie by Gardner & The Gang // 6. Comfort blanket by Sture & Folke // 7. Lounge pants by Indikidual // 8. Fleece jacket by Molo // 9. Bici suit by Bobo Choses // 10. Toot! book by Leo Timmers

Current offers are available: Skip To My Lou - 40%OFF with code 40off, Minibots - Stocking filler sale 30% off, Scandinavian Minimall is offering giveaways and sales offers daily in their Christmas calendar, see their fb for offers.  Baby Goes Retro is also having a daily sale at their calendar.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Moments | Sidewalk fun!

There is two things we never seem to get enough of in this family. Soap bubbles and sidewalk chalk!! We recently had a chance to try out these Veggie Sidewalk Chalks by WeeCanToo from My Lille Limón, and we invited some of the neighbors kids to join in on the fun! These chalks are made from 100% natural products and are safe to consume (even though not recommended). The kids loved the bright colours they created and they were occupied for a good hour or so making our sidewalk looking like a full blown rainbow! I loved the chunkyness of the chalk and the kids seem to have no trouble really going at it on the asphalt. A great little stocking filler if you ask us!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moments | Gardens, Flowers and Adventures

D wears: Panda longsleeve by Småfolk // Baggy jeans by Maxomorra // Cap by Cth Mini // Shoes by Native Shoes. M wears: Longsleeve by Room mate // Skirt by Molo // Leggings by Cotton on Kids // Shoes by Native shoes.

We took the opportunity to visit another Botanical Garden/park this weekend. We have passed this park a couple of times but we haven't really visited it properly. It turned out to be a really lovely park, with some nice playgrounds and lots for the kids to explore. There was also a nice little atrium with a a forest of botanical plants and trees which the kids loved to walk around in. It was suppose to be a day full of rain but instead we just had humid weather which meant we all got a bit hot after all that running around and exploring. After our park visit we drove into the city and visited the part we used to live in. It was still busy there but it was nice to see our old stomping ground and one of our favorite hang outs were also still there so we had lunch there and got a few of our last Christmas presents while we were close to all the shops.

Hope your weekend have been full of exploring as well... I can't believe it is only 1 week until a long holiday starts! It will be so nice... I can't wait!!

ps: Both of D's lovely top and pants are from Baby Goes Retro and are a little sneak peek on what is coming soon to their webshop...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What to put in that sock?

Sometimes its those little stocking fillers that gets you thinking. You want to get something small but nothing that isn't unnecessary. Something that is fun and keeps them occupied but also focus on learning. Minibots got some really nice stocking fillers and best part is that there is a sale on these items at the moment. Sale ends this Monday so be quick if there is that certain item you are after...

To make sure it arrives in time for Christmas there is also express shipping at no extra cost.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moments | Hello from Instagram

D wears: Tee by Mini Rodini / Shorts by Rittenhouse / Cap by CTH Mini / Shoes by Vans / Sunnies by Fred Bare

Some moments photos from our Instagram today. The trustworthy camera had to stay home today but the phone came along. We woke up to a morning of almost 30c so we knew it was going to be a hot one today. The few hours we had before the school run we spent having some nice lunch and biking down to the beach for a quick cool off. In real Melbourne fashion by the time it was 4 in the afternoon, a strong, cold wind came in and the temperature dropped 10c and a rain storm came down. So it definitely felt like we had two seasons in 1 day today. Never dull, never the same over here...
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