Tuesday, May 31, 2011


KidstyleFile has gathered this tree round up of goodies. I was happy to see my very own Scooter Tree tee made it in there, from Electric Boy.

Reach For The Sky: The Magic of Trees Embodied In Decor & Accessories Roundup

one. Dezign with a Z Tris Tree $119.95 at Where Did You Get That?
two.Cocoon Couture Enchanted Tree $350.00 $250.00 at Cocoon Couture
three. Almond Tree Ring a Rosie – Vintage Children at Play $49.95 at Almond Tree Frames
four. KidsOnRoof Totem Tree $59.95 at State of Green
five. Skip Hop Treetops activity gym $119.95 at Little Styles
six. Electric Boy Scooter tee – red $29.95 at Ten Little Indians
seven. ForWalls Forest friends decal $57.95 at Little Styles
eight. Villa Hunter Skirt Green Spot with Tree $24.95 $17.47 at Kids Boulevard
nine. Luna Ninos Wool Tree Bonnet – Birch/Wallaby $57.95 at Bubba Funk
ten. Luna Ninos Cotton Tree Blanket – Shell/Oyster $139.00 at Moo Said The Cow
eleven. Mae Build a Tree – Light $119.95 at Mae
tweleve. Earth Lust 380ml stainless steel Drink Bottle – Tree $21.95 at State of Green
thirteen. Fruut Tree $295.00 at Where Did You Get That?
fourteen. Wall Allure Spring Tree with Swallows $135.00 at Wall Allure

Wrap up

Of some of the mini shopping we've done lately, all of them will have oohs and ahhs attached to them when we receive them I'm sure. All items except the Jedi tee is available at Oii Barnkläder.

From left,
1. Mini Rodini - Godzilla tee
2. Rockefella - beanie
3. TheBrand - Hoody
4. I Dig Denim - Goa Dark
5. Well Spotted - Jedi Mind Tricks

Monday, May 30, 2011


Swedish brand LiandLo have combined colourful with organic and created a cheerful line of childrens clothing. Right now you can get Happy Clouds and the Monkey suit over at Baby Goes Retro, a sure hit with any boy or girl!


I have been asked if I could do a few today's style posts, and I have to admit I normally have very little time to plan what my kids are wearing.. things fly out of the wardrobe in the morning and we are just happy if they are not wearing it back to front ;). Then of course there's my daughter who has FULL control of her own wardrobe now. I have learn to stay out of her style choices now. But here is a photo of my boy from today, looking rather stylish in his warmer threads (yes winter has come to Melbourne... or so it feels like).

To Be or not To Be

Oh I couldn't resist... How cool is this little wooden skull from Acne Jr. ?? Made of pine wood and features a hidden little secret compartment this little box is any little boy's (or girl or man or woman for that matter!) perfect gem!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Not only does this cover look absolute great but the book is equally good too.

review from Readings.com.au
Little Owl has fallen out of his nest and can't find his mummy! Luckily kind Squirrel takes on the cause of finding Mummy Owl, and Little Owl does his best to desribe what she looks like.

After rejecting some unlikely candidates (a huge bear, a googly-eyed frog, a startled rabbit) Little Owl is eventually re-united with his relieved mum.

This is a lovely, repetitive story that kids and parents will relate to strongly. Chris Haughton's fantastic illustrations are bold and retro, in a palette that reminds me of the most glamorous sixties wallpaper! I particularly like the happy afternoon tea ending, and Squirrel's very true words `Biscuits are our favourite thing' (they are! how did he know?) Read this one aloud - and then prepare to read it over and over again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giddy Giddy

Am loving these pouches by Northern Californian brand Giddy Giddy. Be sure to click the link to visit Teri's lovely creative blog which is packed with interesting tidbits on their design and a lot of great DIY projects.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A stroll in Copenhagen.

I was instantly transported back to my old stomping grounds in Copenhagen when I read this piece on a City Break in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lots of memories coming back and I can still smell the crisp, cold air when I see the photos... well worth the read. From Little Scandinavian

Monday, May 16, 2011

Style Competition

Babysgotstyle is hosting a style competition at the moment. I entered with a kit for a boy that has now ended up in the top 10. Go and check out the rather dashing entries and vote for the one you like!! Happy voting...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Colours!

Can't help but getting HAPPY when I see these colourful clothes from Japan (Tsumori Chisato). This was from an exhibition at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship during the FashionWeek this year. It is good to see that you don't have to leave colours behind just because you grow up!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am loving these paperwork women, from Australian (Melbourne) artist Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk). Each artwork is carefully cut out in paper and then pasted on random house walls. I am crazy about how she uses the tones of the wall as her canvas and let them decided the colours of the clothes of the women. Brilliant!!

Creative Spaces!

Oh to be a kid again and be let loose in one of these creative spaces for kids! I am so happy to see more money being spent on important things like spaces,playgrounds for children. I mean how much money do we spend on adult playgrounds (stadiums etc)? Good thing is when you have kids you don't have to have a reason to enjoy these spaces for yourself! Imagination here we come!
via the cool hunter.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crème de la Crème à la Edgar

If you are in Copenhagen, Denmark you simply can't miss paying the gorgeous children's shop called Crème de la Crème à la Edgar a visit.

Stunning choices and a lovely cosy atmosphere... Definitely one of my favorite and must visit shops while I was living there! photos:LMNOP


I have a new found love for mobiles, and lucky for me I don't have to hang them in the kids rooms anymore, because there are so many great looking mobiles that simply goes well anywhere in the house. Multi talented artist Beci Orpin has made these colourful mobiles recently and they are all available in her webshop.

If you are in Australia you can also join her in her mobile making workshop together with the creators of Harvest Textiles on the 25th and 26th of June. More info and bookings here.



Mini Rodini Jeans

While we are on the subject of denim for kids, I have to mention the Mini Rodini jeans collection for kids as well. We bought a pair of Santiago Vintage a while ago and my daughter loves wearing them (mind you, this comes from a girl who normally loves wearing skirts and dresses). They sit really well and they are soft enough to be really comfortable both on the playground and at home. You can find your denim threads from MR over at Oii barnkläder and of course at their own webshop. If you are looking for those really nice pair of denims that will last a while this is a sure bet!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little warm threads!

Was after some warm threads for my little guy today and came home with some nice (yet cheap!) threads.

From Left:
1. Winter Denim Jacket (fleece lined) Pumpkin Patch $39.95 AUD
2. Leather hi-tops Pumpkin Patch $29.95 AUD
3. Knitted Skull suit Gap $39.95 AUD
4. Skinny jeans zip pocket Pumpkin Patch $29.95 AUD

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Dig Denim - Autumn 2011 Sneak Peek

I am LOVING I Dig Denim for kids. The quality is simply stunning, and the attention to details are nothing but amazing. Normally these kind of denim products are something that is reserved for adults only, but thanks to IDD the little people have a chance to strut some seriously awesome denims.

These are a few shots from their upcoming Autumn collection, looks like even more cool jeans are on the horizon. I Dig Denim also make adults denim as well, so there is no need to drool over your kids wardrobe anymore!

Click here to find a store close to you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring/Summer girl

The nice weather lately inspired me to pick out a kit for a lovely little lass. Top and shorts are both available at Oii barnkläder, and the accessories are available from Zara and Smallable. Enjoy the sun out there!!
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