Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrap up

Of some of the mini shopping we've done lately, all of them will have oohs and ahhs attached to them when we receive them I'm sure. All items except the Jedi tee is available at Oii Barnkläder.

From left,
1. Mini Rodini - Godzilla tee
2. Rockefella - beanie
3. TheBrand - Hoody
4. I Dig Denim - Goa Dark
5. Well Spotted - Jedi Mind Tricks


  1. :) lill killen blir väl kittad när detta kommer i brevlådan, men jag anar att Godzilla tee från MR blir poppis hos min tjej med. Skönt de kan ta över varandras kläder, man slipper liksom sura miner då.


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