Friday, April 18, 2014

Moments | Bowl Days

M wears: Cardigan by Next / Tee by Bonton / Pants by Sudo / Shoes by molo. D wears: Hoodie by Nununu / Tee by Cheap Monday / Pants by molo / Shoes by 10IS.

We have hanged a lot at the skate park this school break. Both kids seems to be thrilled to go and either bring their scooter or skateboard. D has used his scooter so much that his back wheel has gone flat from all the skidding. I think its time to update his 3 wheeler Micro to a 2 wheel scooter like his big sister. There seem to be no problem with balance any more so perhaps when his birthday is coming up there will be a visit to the scooter shop.

I can see how much fun they have in the bowls and on the slopes so even mum here had to try and give it a go. It's heaps of fun and even though driving down the steep slope into the bowl certainly put some adrenaline into the bloodstream I can see how infectious the thrill feeling is.

We are signing off for a few days, its time to enjoy the time away from the computer and I hope you all have a great Easter out there and enjoy the outdoors and eat a few chocolate eggs while you are at it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New In | Ten Mid Quilt by 10IS

M wears: Sweater by Finger In the Nose / Pants by Nico Nico / Shoes by 10IS.

These hi tops from 10IS (Ten-is) was my girls number 1 pick. Straight out of their new SS14 collection the Ten Mid Quilt is the perfect all around sneakers. I am not exactly sure what it was that M fell for but personally I think its their best yet. I love the quilted pattern and the nice little studs that gives the shoes so much texture. The simple step in zip is also a nice feature which makes the laces an option to practice on or if you are in a hurry (which you normally are) you can simply just zip up and step in without untying the laces. I took a few shots of them in action on the board and something tells me they are going to well used this winter!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hipp Hipp Hooray @ Fourmonkeys

Our good friends over at Fourmonkeys is celebrating their 1st birthday! As a thank you for all the love and support over the year they are offering a birthday discount with 25% OFF. Use code HAPPYFIRST at checkout to redeem. You can find labels like, Soft Gallery, Nununu, I Dig Denim, 10IS, Bisgaard etc in their wonderful range. Happy birthday Fourmonkeys!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brand Watch | Quinn + Fox

Californian label Quinn and Fox is coming out with a new collection entitled Protect My Youth. The new label was born in 2013 by a husband and wife duo with two curly girls by their side. They utilize organic materials in all their designs and make sure they create some unique bold prints by collaborating with interesting artists each season. I love the earthy tones and colour choices in their collection and especially in the photos above.

Right now you can pre-order some of these tees over at A Little Bit of Cheek, but be quick since the stock is limited and the label has gotten very popular it might be gone in a hurry.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moments | After the Rain

D wears: Knitted top by Katvig / Pants by Katvig / Shoes by 10IS / Sunglasses by Fred Bare. M wears: Cardigan by NEXT / Dress by NEXT / Shoes by Molo / Stockings by Bonds.

... Comes the sun! Finally! After a week of rain our weekend have been a sunny one, with a lot of oppurtunities to go out and just enjoy the warm rays of the sun again. It was good to let the kids just run on the thick, green grass (who obviously had enjoyed the rain immensely after a dry summer) and climb some trees. Plenty of fresh air and a chance for some lunch and coffee by the lake.

We also had time to visit a great playground close to Albert Lake and build some sandcastles in the fresh supplied sand in the sandpit. Sometimes the sun is worth waiting for!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New In | Slippers & Snakes

A parcel with slippers and snakes arrived the other day from Minibots. The snake print from Mini Rodini's drop 3 was my favorite and since my boy have always had a lot of use of their leggings these green python leggings were a  simple choice! For the last 3 years we have always stocked up on the best slippers around from Collégien. The super flexible sock slippers have been so good on my kids feet and since they have a proper sole underneath, they are also OK to do some short outdoor visits in.

They recently did a collaboration with Israel clothing label NUNUNU and the famous stars, skulls and letters are now available on the lovely Collégien slippers. My girl picked the star slippers and they will be perfect for those cold winter morning floors.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Moments | A Week Of Rain

M wears: Sweat by Nico Nico / Pants by Missie Munster / Beanie by Sportsgirl / Gumboots by Gardner & the Gang. D wears: Hoodie by Geggamoja / Pants by Rockefella / Gumboots by Gardner & the Gang.

The headline pretty much sums up the week. We had one warm and rather sunny day on Monday and the rest has been a non stop rain experience.  But with the school holidays in full swing you can't do much else but to brave the bad weather and find what fun you can. So far we have hit the cinema, visit the city, had numerous cosy cafe visits with friends, created a wild amount of loom band bracelets, had a serious day of puddle jumping.. and the list goes on. Even though we have been quite wet there has also been a few beautiful moments in there, like this day when wet clothes wasn't a problem and the biggest challenge was just finding some good deep puddles to jump in. Raindrops can be pretty sweet as well. Have a wonderful weekend out there!