Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brand Watch | Munkstown

Nice, clean geometrical prints that is how we fell in love with American label Munkstown the first time around. They are back with a new collection filled with cool and lovely soft quality.  I have written about them before here, and if you are interested in seeing the clothes in action you can see more photos of the clothes by clicking here.

To check out their new collection, visit their website here:


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moments | On a Leaf Mission

D wears: Peace top by Baobab / Harem denims by Baobab / Shoes by MÁA

The leaves are coming down in huge numbers over here. Autumn has really made its announcement in style and the explosion of colours are spectacular as usual. D was on a mission to find the best looking Autumn leaves he could for a Kinder project, so off we went to see what we could find. We quickly found some nice BIG leaves that we saved, and he also found a big pile of dried leaves that was the best to jump and walk in. By the end of our little walk we had found everything he needed to bring to Kinder, and today I saw the most lovely Autumn tree, handmade by all the kids at Kinder with all the leaves attached to it. Autumn you are alright! You bring us warmth in colours when the winds fail to. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brand Watch | Kukukid

"We’re rebel but cute” – it is our key message. It is obvious that kids are great because of a great combination of rebellion and cuteness. That explosive mix has inspired us to create clothing brand for kids – KuKuKid.

Unisex Polish label KuKuKid has come to Australia! The brand for little rebels are now available at A Little Bit of Cheek, who are the first shop who will be selling the label here. The playful prints and the contrast colour choices are perfect for little boys and girls that like to stand out.

Check out the collection at A Little bit of Cheek here:


Monday, May 26, 2014

Moments | Nature is the Best Babysitter

M wears: Mika sweatshirt by Mini & Maximus / Longsleeve by Mini Rodini / Alabama Mid Blue denims by I Dig Denim / Shoes by 10 IS / Cap by Toykyo Kids. D wears: Longsleeve by Lion of Leisure / Alabama denim by I Dig Denim / Infinity scarf by Cabbages and Kings.

It is almost a routine now. The kids seem to crave sand between their toes and even though there is a great playground 20 meters away, both  of them seem to prefer the pulling forces of the ocean and the dunes that invites to jumps and play. I love how both of them seem to be on the same page when it comes to the beach, they are the best of friends when it is just them and nature, and mum and dad here doesn't mind nature being the babysitter at all!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Attitude comes to Alfie Wild!

Swedish label Gardner and the Gang has landed in Australia over at Alfie Wild! Made from organic cotton and skin friendly prints, the clothes are cute with a bit of attitude, just like our kids!

Find them here:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moments | Let's Go Skating!

D wears: Hoodie by Mini & Maximus / Tee by LOUD Apparel / Pants by Minti / Shoes by 10 IS / Beanie by Neff / Backpack by Herschel.

The little guy had been begging me to go to the skate park for a while, so after swimming class we packed our bags and set off for a day at the park. There were plenty of space to have fun on since school was still on, and D pretty much got the bowl to himself. We met some other kids at the park who quickly joined in on the play and thrills on wheels. We even found out they were starting the same school as D next year and hey who knows, we might have run into a new classmate.

We are lucky we got a local skate hang out close where we live because its easy to get to and there really isn't any better form of having fun and getting some exercise while you are at it.

Have a nice weekend out there!

Friday, May 23, 2014

CLOSE UP | Scotch Shrunk + Scotch R'Belle

I had the pleasure of shooting these clothes in action last weekend, but I thought I had to share just what makes this label so amazing - the details and the quality! It is an absolute joy to get discover all the different thoughts and ideas that has gone into each and ever garments in Scotch & Soda's kids labels. A decorated button, a hidden message in the backside of a pocket, an artwork in the form of a swingtag.

I love how much time and effort they have put in when designing these clothes and its so much fun seeing the kids discover these little details themselves. I was thrilled when I found out my local kids store Buckets and Spades were carrying both Scotch Shrunk (boys) and Scotch R'Belle (girls). We got the cool trucker jacket in denim and teamed them up with the red Mercer denim pants for my boy and the beautiful top with an animal diamond, which went great with the Ruby star denims for my girl. Both items from the girls selection are so soft! The top has a nice silky feel to it and the pants has a lovely stretch to them which makes them easy and nice to jump into.

These days when you often find stores/labels replicating styles or colour choices it is so nice to see a label that focuses on fresh design, amazing illustrations and top notch quality so you can feel good about spending those extra few dollars and know that they will stand the wear and tear that kids will put them through and still be lovely to pass down to a growing sibling.

To check out the current AW14 collection of both Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R'Belle please visit

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