Friday, March 25, 2016


A subject close to my heart, is architecture and I especially love all the new great playgrounds with a focus on architecture that is being created all around the world at the moment. In my new catagory LET'S PLAY you will find some of them that I have found and covered on the blog.

Today I want to show you The Globe designed by Danish design studio Monstrum.

“The Globe” is a great playground with the library as the center. The playground is divided into five main play areas, each representing a specific compass direction. Each play area is a story about the specific area. There areas offers different play opportunities, so that users get different play experiences depending on where you choose to play.

The playground contains small fragments and stories about nature, animals, landscapes, geology, culture and much more. The aim is to inspire, arouse children’s and adults’ knowledge desire while creating space and opportunity for play and exercise.

In the design of play areas, the emphasis is on the integration of play opportunities for children with different disabilities. At the same time we have focused on the availability on the playground with level access and a sitting area in the playground equipment.

The five areas are connected with a world tour around the house, which is marked in the floor and with stories and fun fact

Globe is designed by MONSTRUM - a studio that design and produce unique playgrounds with a focus on artistic and architectural quality. They create thematic playgrounds that fascinates and inspires both adults and children. To check out more of their great creative playground please visit their website.

The globe is located at Århus new main library and citizen service center in Denmark. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MOMENTS | Land of Giants

Some snapshots from the weekend that passed. Over here in Victoria it was Labour Day so we had an extra day of no school to enjoy. We had some great weather so we decided to drive up into the Yarra National State Forest up in Healesville. An area that is known for great food and of course the wonderful Healesville Sanctuary. This time around we didn't visit it, instead we wanted to check out some of the magical drives they have up there in the forest and show the kids the giant trees that grows there. 

The lush ferns and trees created some amazing shadow play on the roads and as the paved roads slowly disappeared it was absolutely magic as we drove deeper and deeper into the wild. We spotted a few wild kangaroos and got a lucky snapshot of a few feeding in the high grass.  It was so nice driving with the windows down, taking in the spectacular views and the air is simply so fresh up here. The kids loved the trip and it was fun to see their faces when they spotted the giant trees. We guessed how old they might be and even tried to count the rings on one (but there were far too many to count). If you are ever in this area, visit the information center and grab a map and go exploring. There is so much to see up here, and a lot of families come up here to camp too. 

Visit Healesville's website for more information on this trip. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

SHOOT | Scotch R'belle for Girls

M wears: Allover printed Denim dress by Scotch R'belle / Beanie by Scotch R'belle / Boots by Seed.

We are beginning on a new season as the summer is drawing slowly towards its end. We are having a couple of indian summer days of late and the golden light is starting to get that magical touch. Here are a few shots from our afternoon in Flinders, and I simply love the denim dress that Dutch label Scotch R'belle has come out with for the girls this winter season. The cool allover monster hand print is great and the wonderful details such as the whale tail on neck and cuff buttons and the little copper heart that is attached to the hem of the skirt are yet another wonderful little touch that adds so much to this dress. The dress is made out of thick denim so its warm enough to take into autumn and winter yet soft enough to wear on an everyday occasion. Its easy to see how it's quickly become a new favourite in my girls wardrobe and with the generous sizing it will be something she can wear and get a lot of usage of for a few years to come!

Check out the entire AW16 range from Scotch R'belle right here.
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