Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The week that passed according to our Instagram feed :)
1.Lunching at Jerry's / 2. Much needed afternoon coffee / 3. Sweet reward after swim school / 4. Somebody is feeling better after a bout of soar throat, ordering in the biggest lasagne for lunch / 5. Happy girl / 6. Little D heading towards the playgrounds. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Moments | Wild

M wears: Long sleeve by Katvig // Knit by Toto Knits //  Tutu skirt by H&M // Leggings by American Apparel // Boots by EMU Uggs. D wears : Tee by Mini & Maximus // Cords by Shampoodle // Hat by Diesel // Shoes by Puma.

Some photos from the weekend that past. A stop at the fantastic wooden playground (that is more like a massive wooden play fort really). The kids love this playground and it is situated in a big park area so there is very little chance of actually loosing sight of your kids. I use to not like this playground when they were smaller because they would actually get lost inside the wooden fort itself (that is how big it is). But now when the are 3 and 6 its perfect with all it's slides and steps and monkey bars. M has gone crazy for the monkey bars lately. She started out not being able to hang on for very long and she would get so frustrated, but now with a bit of practice she is amazing at the distance she can go, hanging in the air like a little...well monkey!

The weather was amazing on Saturday, it has been a while since you could just wear a t-shirt but D was eager and it was definitely warm enough with a toasty 24C. Today, Monday is another sunny, crisp day and this is when Melbourne is the best. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Definitely a day to go out and enjoy what the weather Gods are dishing out! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got some chance to enjoy some nice weather!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moments | Friday with Dad

D wears: Parka by Country Road // Goofy Long sleeve by Kid Collective // Trackies pants by Bonds // Gumboots by Hummel Kids // Beanie by The Brand.

Since we had a public holiday on Thursday J decided it was a good time to take a day off from work and just hang out with D and myself. Such a good decision. It was nice to just do our normal stuff we do on Fridays like go to swim school, visit the playground, fruit and veg shopping but have "daddy" with us. D was excited to show off how far he has come with his swimming at swim school and it was good to see how extra proud he was (almost showing off actually). We also got the chance to have breakfast together at a new hangout that has recently opened. The boys enjoyed their coffee/babyccino, together while reading the newspaper, so cute.

After breakfast it was off to swim school but first a quick visit to D's favorite shop, the hobby shop that has all sorts of amazing radio cars, airplanes and boats. It almost turned out to a new form of torture because of course he wanted all the cars on display and just having a look was of course not in his mind space at all ;)

It was a nice day just hanging out the three of us. M was in school and had a great excursion learning all about Aboriginal art and culture in the city. Hopefully we can do more of these days together again soon.

Things I Love | Anïve for the Minors

Love at first sight... This dress by Swedish label Anive for the Minors is gorgeous.
You can find it it at My Lille Límon.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Threads | Kid's Pick

M wears: Fleece jacket by Witchery Kids // Denim shirt by Me & I // Shorts by Zara // Stockings by H&M // Shoes by Feiyue // Beanie by Cotton On. D wears: WCT jacket by Kulör // Trackie pants by Bonds // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Converse.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia and it can just in time because it sort of became the bounce back day for D who had been down with a stomach bug the day before. It is amazing how your big boy instantly turn into a little limp koala bear that just hangs on to you and is suddenly everything but big. Luckily this kids has amazing recovery skills and seemed to shake the nausea quite quickly and demanded to get some fresh air. We drove off to a nearby place on the coast and the the kids roam about. The kids insisted to pick their own threads in the morning so it became a mix of eclectic cool and confusion style ;) M manged to find stuff she hasn't worn in ages and the big fan of blue mr.D found his old favorite wct jacket from Kulör (bought a few seasons ago at the wonderful Pipsqueak who has unfortunately closed down now).

We had a lovely afternoon in the Autumn sun and the kids found sticks (as usual) and manged to amuse themselves with digging holes on the beach and writing in the sand. We are looking forward to a weekend without sickness and just some plain old relaxation! Hope you will have a good one too out there.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

ROOM | Kiddo Room

Here are some of our favorite items to decorate a kids room with. Always been a fan of clean white walls with colourful items so here are a few things that would brighten any kids room. The lovely chair and table by We Do Wood has a retailer page if you are looking for a place to order it from in your country.

1. Lilly's Chair by We Do Wood / 2. Sheep skin, white by IKEA / 3. Garland by Little Lamb / 4. Geo's table by We Do Wood / 5. Things Wall chart Poster by Blink Design / 6. Hang it All hooks by Eames / 7. Storage Apple by Qualy / 8. LED pendant lamp by IKEA / 9. PS cabinet by IKEA  / 10. Duvet set by Kip & Co / 11. Quiet kid pillow by Luckyboy Sunday / 12. Bean bag by Little Red Stuga.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moments | Dreaming

The rain is trickling down on the window, the sun has decided to hide. My boy is out cold on the couch after a bout of nightly stomach sickness. These are the times you dream of summer memories again. When the sun was warming your skin and the soft sand was pushed between your toes.

Collégien | As comfy as a sock!

Super comfy slippers/socks from Collégien has just arrived at Minibots. We got a pair last winter and they have been used to the point you can hardly recognize them anymore. I like how they are the perfect mix between a moccasin and a shoe. The extra soft soles are so flexible and they also make it possible for a little bit of outside wear too. They got a smart non-slip spikes on the bottom of the soles so there is no slipping on slippery surfaces either.

Minibots has taken in 3 different styles, Cloud Slippers / Lightning bolt slippers and Polka dot slippers. Collégien slippers are guaranteed to keep all little toes warm and snug.

:: Shop Collégien @ Minibots ::

Moments | Sneaky Sun

M wears: Dress by Bobo Choses // Leggings by American Apparel // Cardigan by Seed // Scarf by Cotton on Kids // Boots by Emu Uggs.

Some photos from my camera, taken during the school break that went way too fast. Absolutely love that I can spend some time with M on the breaks (the decision to not go back to full time work until both kids are in school has sometimes been hard but well worth it in the end) . There is somehow more time to explore and chat about things that doesn't seem important but in fact are. These photos were taken on a day that started out chilly but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was warm enough to toss our cardigans.

M received this wonderful dress by Bobo Choses from Minibots and she couldn't wait to try it out. We got a size 6-7 which fitted perfectly. The braided belt was M's idea and I love how it goes with the otherwise straight dress. I guess the opportunity to wear these sort of dresses will get less and less now, and I can't really say that I am looking forward to winter right now. At least it seems like Autumn is giving us rather warm days still and with our renovated heating system in the house sometime tells me winter won't be as bad this year.
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