Monday, April 29, 2013

Moments | Wild

M wears: Long sleeve by Katvig // Knit by Toto Knits //  Tutu skirt by H&M // Leggings by American Apparel // Boots by EMU Uggs. D wears : Tee by Mini & Maximus // Cords by Shampoodle // Hat by Diesel // Shoes by Puma.

Some photos from the weekend that past. A stop at the fantastic wooden playground (that is more like a massive wooden play fort really). The kids love this playground and it is situated in a big park area so there is very little chance of actually loosing sight of your kids. I use to not like this playground when they were smaller because they would actually get lost inside the wooden fort itself (that is how big it is). But now when the are 3 and 6 its perfect with all it's slides and steps and monkey bars. M has gone crazy for the monkey bars lately. She started out not being able to hang on for very long and she would get so frustrated, but now with a bit of practice she is amazing at the distance she can go, hanging in the air like a little...well monkey!

The weather was amazing on Saturday, it has been a while since you could just wear a t-shirt but D was eager and it was definitely warm enough with a toasty 24C. Today, Monday is another sunny, crisp day and this is when Melbourne is the best. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Definitely a day to go out and enjoy what the weather Gods are dishing out! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got some chance to enjoy some nice weather!

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