Friday, November 30, 2012

Room Inspiration # 6

How lovely is this room make over with Ferm Living products? A while ago Ferm Living together with Designermor held a competition, and the lucky winner (The Höder Family from Copenhagen) got a room make over. Absolutely love the result, don't you??
Photos from Ferm living's facebook page.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moments | Cooling Down

D wears: Tee by Bobo Choses // Boardshorts by Munster Kids // Cap by Munster Kids.

It was a whopping HOT day today. Us Melbournians are not use to temperatures above 40C so I have to agree it was too hot for my taste. It doesn't get really hot until around 11 am here, so we tried to beat the heat and be down on the beach by 10 am.  It quickly got hot and we were glad we had some water to cool us down with. It was such a strong sun today the little guy had to keep his tee on not to get burnt. We had a great time, and it was so nice by the time we left the beach and headed for some cold drinks and some cool air conditioning at the close by beach cafe.

Phu, I can tell you the bike run at school pick up was tough! I have biked through rain, storm, lighthing but I have to say I prefer that to high temperatures! Now I got kids running around in underwear and eating icy poles with sun kissed cheeks. Yep summer is definitely here. 

Circus n Zoo | w:form

 I love these designs by Wenche Nevalainen. She runs a company called w:form, and she makes patterns for fabric, wallpaper, wall decals, pillows and notebooks among other things.  Her newest collection Zoo is now out and their Circus collection is also updated ( my personal favorite!).

You can find the range available in their own webshop.

:: w:form ::

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moments | Summer & Ice cream!

M wears: Tee by Mike Perry + Mini & Maximus // Jaws leggings by Mini & Maximus.
(also available in mustard yellow)

Sun came out in the afternoon, and after a quick fruit and veg shop top up on the way home from school, we took a moment in the sun and had ice cream together. Melon and chocolate cookie dough in a cone! Summer has finally arrived!!! Here are some quick snapshots from today - feather treasure and happy jumps.


It's time for another Christmas List peeps! This time around it's for the Little Ladies out there. I have carefully selected a few of my favorite items from these lovely shops: Scandinavian Minimall, Minibots, Baby Goes Retro and Skip To My Lou.  I hope you find something for your little lady out there for Christmas!

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. Pom pom beanie by Huttelihut // 2. Gaetan Cat bag by April Showers // 3. Waterlilly prussian doll by Wovenplay/Jess Brown // 4. Julia dress by Charlie Lee // 5. Cat ballerinas by Mina Shoes // 6. Stockings by Popupshop (also available in pink/white )// 7. Carla dress by Soft Gallery // 8. Christy dress by Dandelion // 9. Saltwater sandals in white // 10. Hipster 2 pack by Mini Rodini // 11. Ludo le Lapin poster by Famille Summerbelle

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moments | Small Things

M wears: Top by Marloe Jr. // Shorts by Big by Fiona Scanlan // Shoes by Native.

Some moments from yesterday afternoon. M went ladybird hunting and finally found a tiny little one that made her so happy. Love how something small like that can totally bring out a good smile in them. It's funny how kids seem to notices the tiny things around us. Both of my kids always point out things that I normally rush by without thinking of, like the colour of a insects wings or how flies almost always seem to want to land on your nose. They bring that dose of pause and reflection into an adult life that is normally filled with things like stress and "just have to do this". So today I am reminding myself that the small things are just as important as ticking things off lists.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Well the title says it all really! Minor De:tales was picked as one of 10 blogs from around the world to unveil a little sneak peek on their upcoming SS13 collection entitled Bon Voyage! Each blog got 3 unique images to show. We of course gladly accepted since being major fans of their clothes since early 2006...

For the Spring/Summer 13 Collection Bon Voyage, Mini Rodini finds inspiration from Love Boat and Captain Cousteau. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbeans, this collection is an odyssey across the world’s greatest oceans.

End of January, the sparkling new collection will be released in Mini Rodini’s stores, retailers world-wide and in the online shop.


For the love of Penny!

The Australian company Penny Skateboards just put out an amazing little video about their history. It brings back the feeling of why all of us started skating and why we’re still doing it. Watch, learn and go skate!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moments | Beach O'hoy!

M wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus // Harem pants by Missie Munster // Cap by Element // Beanie by Vans. D wears: Tee by Cotton on Kids // Boardies by Munster Kids // Beanie by Vans.

The weekend has given us plenty of warm weather to go out and enjoy. Yesterday we went to a big market at M's school which was great but since it was a hot day with over 35 C we couldn't stay too long. Today it was a nicer 27C and after a slow start at home with a long breakfast we hit the beach for some mid day play in the sand. I am looking forward to more lazy days in the sun. We are counting down the days to Christmas holiday here, when the kids get almost 2 months off school! We have written down some nice get away destinations to hit and we will make sure to write in some lazy days at home as well. Can't wait! Hope your weekend was nice, slow and relaxing as well!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Moments | Friday at last!!

D wears: Sweatshirt by Mini & Maximus // Leggings by Ej Sikke Lej // Beanie by Vans // Shoes by Native Shoes.

Gosh it is good when you realize it is Friday and a sunny one to boot! I have had the little man home almost all week with me. 2 sick days and 2 days of full energy makes for a slight tired mum but a very happy one! It is hard seeing them so sick and miserable and if you add a couple of nights of poor sleep on top of that, it is just plain hard on the whole family. But today the little guy was his normal full force and it was great to see. We caught some wind, sun and nice lunch by the seaside today and D scored a new little car that somebody lost on the beach, that totally made his day! Have a nice weekend everybody, and enjoy the little moments!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


It is time peeps! I know, I am normally one of those that is blissfully unaware how close we are to Christmas until it is just around the corner and I do one of those mad dashes to the shops and come home with exactly those things I promise each year not to get. The things that break easily or don't really look that great, or we simply have too much of already. Well this year is going to be different. I am going to be out in time, invest in some things that I know will last and be loved for longer than the Christmas will last.

Here is the first one out in a longer list of some great Christmas presents for the tiny princess, the little rebel or maybe the aspiring surfer dude or perhaps the little lady. These are my personal favorites and I hope you enjoy them too. I will have one of these lists per week and the next out is Little Lady.

1. Marcel Sleeping bag by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau // 2. Baby booties by Petit by Sofie Schnoor // 3. Ralph Raddish plush by Corby Tindersticks // 4. Dalmare baby blanket by Ada Ada  // 5. Scarf bib by Molo // 6. Fats play suit by Kidscase // 7. Dummy clip by Elodie Designs // 8. Lounge set in grey by TUSS // 9. Bike onesie by Bobo Choses // 10. Happy cloud pillow by PinkNounou

All garments are from the following shops: Scandinavian Minimall / Minibots / Skip To My Lou / Baby Goes Retro.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moments | Munster Day!

D wears: Tee by Munster Kids // Jeans by Munster Kids // Backpack by Munster Kids // Shoes by Native shoes // Beanie by Vans.

Yep, I got the instagram bug, or I guess I am making up for lost time. So if you want to see more of instant snap shots from our daily routines and what not, you can find us here. Today we got a generous c/o package from no other than Munster Kids. Our favorite Australian label that is packed with so much cool it is hard to imagine :) We have loved this label for such a long time, and I know just how great quality they put into their threads. We instantly put them to the test and headed off to our local skatepark to give them a good going over. The little guy was running amok on the bowl walls using them as slides and getting his groove on. I was amazed with how soft the jeans were. I normally don't buy any jeans for this age unless they are nice and comfortable and these were an instant hit, he even starting to refuse to take them off for bedtime. Another big joy were the bug backpack. You can't see it but this backpack is soft! It's got this nice hang to it and is really comfy to wear on the back because of it's softness. Of course the multicolored bug print was a big bonus as well.

I know these clothes will last because we have already invested in them before and are still very happy with them even though they have been played hard in and seen endless of washing runs. Massive thanks to Munster for letting my little people rock this summer in their threads. They will be well used and will see a lot of awesome days of fun in the sun!

Let the sun SHINE!

Gorgeous new summer collection from Australian Beneath The Sun.

Beneath The Sun is the debut homewares and stationery collection of Illustrator and Designer Leah Bartholomew. Beneath The Sun offers beautiful, traditionally crafted items for the home and study that bring colour and happiness to a room. The range features locally-produced and environmentally conscious products made from natural, quality materials. I am loving the playful woodys in different pastel colours and the great geometrical pottery is equally amazing! To find out more about this little Australian gem visit their website.

:: Beneath The Sun ::

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embrace the Dirt!

What is it with boys and wearing their clothes to pieces? They get stuck in trees and have ripped holes in the clothes to prove it, they crawl on their knees (sometimes I wonder why I even buy shoes!) they seem to use their shirts and tees like it is one big portable napkin! The list goes on... I am sure girls are pretty good at it as well, but I have to say there is a difference in how they wear clothes in my family. Here is a quick ABC list of some neat things for boys of all sizes that can actually work with them and not against them in their quest for adventures!

All items comes from About A Boy.

A. Bike suit, navy stripe by Munster / B. Littlehorn bat singlet by Littlehorn / C. I Am New l/s by Minti / D. Bat boardies by Littlehorn / E. Car Crash pillow by Munster / F. Street art backpack by Munster / G. Skateboard trucks Cap by Munster.

Monday, November 19, 2012

@ Instagram

Yes it took awhile but we are finally on Instagram now. If you don't have Instagram but want to follow anyway, you can use Statigram. See you there!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Tiny Sweet Thing!

Some nice picks for a baby girl from the lovely selection of Skip To My Lou.

Skip to my Lou is an online boutique home to a  variety of babies and children’s fashions (aged 0-7 years), toys and giftware sourced from Australia and around the world. They are all about fun clothing and accessories for your mini fashionista. Check out their new website while you are there too!

1. Feather Tee by ESP No.1 // 2.  Basic Leggings by Mini Rodini // 3. Baby brace trousers by Mini Rodini  // 4. Wing body basic by Mini Rodini  // 5. Unicorn head by Flat out Frankie // 6. Mini ballet flats by Pitter Patter // 7. Onesie by Mini Rodini // 8. Bu! The blankie. 

:: Skip To My Lou ::

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Room Inspiration

Some more room inspiration for your little ones, from the wonderful  blog world of Weekday Carnival. They were in need of more storage space so they bought 35 cm deep kitchen cabinets from IKEA to solve the problem. I like the clean and simple "know where you have it all" look they achieved.  While you are visiting Weekday Carnival check out her new music video with Jukka Assä, absolutely beautiful!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Moments | Collecting

M wears: Big Wheel Bike tee by Mini & Maximus // Leggings by Marloe Jr. // Hat by CTH Mini // Shoes by Native.

Bugs is the new thing here. Bug collecting I should say. We had a snail phase, but it seemed to have been taken over by all sorts of bugs now. Well apparently spiders and bees are out of the question (thank goodness) but otherwise all bugs are welcome. We have a new house beetle named Mr.Cherry, who has a broken leg and an appetite for cucumber. Here are some photos from yesterdays bug hunt. We received these super cool leggings from a Swedish label called Marloe Jr. They are really soft and I like the funky leopard print. They were a big hit with M who instantly thought they were the coolest leggings in her collection! I have to agree with her on that...

Have a lovely weekend out there!!!
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