Friday, February 28, 2014

Brand Watch | Munsterkids AW14

If there is one good thing about loosing summer to autumn and winter then it has to be Munsterkids new AW14 collection, now out in stores. I am loving their latest campaign "Where The Wild Kids Play" and there are must have pieces in all of their 4 collections, Munster for the boys, Missie for the girls and Mini and Lil Missie for the youngest hipsters.

Welcome to Munster Kids Autumn/Winter 2014; a pride of hearty cut n’ sew pieces designed for untamed ruckus or whilst being shipwrecked in scuffed and dirty shoes. This collection is inspired by the boldness of the wilderness; where bright yellow lions, burly bears & toothy sharks, run amok with vivid toucans and wise old wintery owls - all against a palette of grass greens, crayon blues, scribbled textures and dark earthy hues.

As lyrical prints pounce off skinny overalls and slouchy lounge pants slither down to embrace tiny ankles, cosy reversible hoodies and military’esque varsity jackets snugly cloth furry, little limbs…

This season, the animal kingdom’s warm camaraderie is echoed through the Munster kids's wild, kindred spirit on those shorter, cooler days and nights. We got a few favourites already - how good is that Bite jacket with jagged tooth details!? And my shark loving boy will of course go wild when he sees the Off the Plank long sleeve with a shark graphic on. My girl will go wild for the animal prints this season, there are so much to choose between and it will definitely put a wild but gorgeous spin on an otherwise dark and grey winter.

You can find Munsterkids at numerous retailers across Australia, right now the collection is available online at Minibots and in Europe check out Orange Mayonnaise, La-di-da.

For more info on this collection and where to buy it, visit


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moments | Colour Me Happy!

M wears: Tee by Bonton / Pocket skirt by Bonton / Scarf by Anais & I

I got a girl that is crazy about colour, so this outfit was something that was right up her alley. We got to choose something from one of our wonderful sponsors Ladida and this was the first thing she picked, no doubts what so ever. "Colours makes me so happy" so the choice was easy. We have never tried the label Bonton before, but it was instant love. I really like how they focus on colour and simple yet absolutely stylish designs.

You can sort of feel that the summer is slowly slipping away. We don't feel ready for Autumn at all. Luckily in between the 20C days we get high ones with 33C and it's like summer comes back for a few days again. This was one of those days, were we took a quick lunch by the water front and looked for sea treassures. M found a sea urchin. Amazing little creatures that went back into the water after a little closer (and careful) look.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Moments | Last Light

D wears: Long sleeve by Munsterkids / Shorts by Munsterkids / Shoes by Feiyue.

The little guy is catching the last afternoon light on his skateboard before it's time to go in. He has been so fascinated by this tee he got last week. Aptly named Snap and has a great graphics mix with a crocodiles pearly whites and a surf photo. Perfection in so many ways, Munsterkids knows how to keep the boys happy :)

Brand Watch | Pom d'Api SS14

Popular French shoe label Pom d'Api has put a serious push for Spring over in Europe. Exotic prints, iridescent leathers, pastel or metallic varnishes give the right touch of character to sandals and plagettes.

We got a pair of summer sandals from Pom d'Api in the beginning of the summer and they have been the best summer shoes my girl have had. There is so much quality and craft going down into these shoes that even 2 months on, the sandals are still looking new after numerous adventures on playgrounds, beaches and holidays.

This spring/summer colours are: Emerald green, royal blue, deep orange and natural colours. Together they make up the palette of grained leathers that softly dress the timeless models of the brand.

for a full retailer list and to find out where you can find your closest Pom d'Api shop, visit:

:: POM D'API ::

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moments | Sunday Brunch

D wears: Sunglasses by Sons+Daughters / Tee by Acne Miniature / Hoodie by theBrand / Pants by Popupshop / Cap by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Natives.

Some moments from a very lazy Sunday brunch. D brought one of his favourite book, The Big Book of Words. It is such a good book, and its really helped him when he was struggling to put words on everything. It is also the best book to occupy him when we wait for a meal when we are eating out (win win situation).

These shades have been the best accessories this summer. They have such a great fit and they look good with everything. D says they makes everything "warm looking" so he have used them a lot. For me it matters that they have protected his eyes so well through this sunny summer, and even though his sister has her own pair (different model) she likes to borrow these as well since they are unisex.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Moments | Onboard

D wears: Hoodie by Scotch & Shrunk / Trackies by Country Road / Beanie by The Brand / Shoes by Natives.

We are just chillaxing over here, thanking the week God for sending us another Friday. Little man D can't drop his fascination for the skateboard, and his balance is getting quite good (even though I don't endorse the cheeky no helmet idea, I'm OK mum...see no falling. Helmet went on 5 min later). We have had a bout of autumn it seems for the last 2 days. It quickly reminds us of just how dreary and cold it can feel during winter. I instantly made this a/w first impulse buy and bought a puffer vest! I can only justify it with, that Melbourne is the best city to actually have one too many vests. Hoping for many warm days to come our way and keep the winter at bay for at least 2 months more.

Enjoy your weekends out there!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moments | Tuesday Bliss

D wears: Hoodie by American Outfitters / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Cap by DC / Tee by Munsterkids / Shoes by Converse.

It was a day off with Mr.D yesterday and since he was allowed to set the tone of the day, it was quickly decided that it was an outdoor kind of day. We quickly jumped on our bikes and rode down to our local deli and shopped sandwiches to bring down to the bay walk. We were so lucky with the weather that offered blue sky and a beaming sun.

There is nothing quite like sitting on sand dunes and having lunch (minus the sand that seem to sneak onto the sandwiches that is ;) After lunch we went exploring on the beach with rolled up pants and a few curious dogs on our trail trying to see what we were doing. I love these moments to just catch up and ask about things like kinder and "what's your favourite thing to do right now"... its amazing how much goes on in their world and the answer to favourite thing is always a surprise - purple dinosaurs.

After the sandwiches had been eaten the empty paper bag suddenly became the best toy... we filled it up full of sand and when it finally broke, it became the best kite!

After a icy pole break we headed out on the local pier and watched the little school of fishes in the deep water. We chatted about why they swim in schools and how they trick big fishes to not have them for lunch. We also agreed that next time we are down here we should bring our fishing poles to try our luck...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Belgian TOYKYO KIDS has collaborated with New Era and created some really cool headwear for the kids out there. 3D embroidery graphics on the front and a strap to adjust the size on the back.

All caps are available now at Orange Mayonnaise (who fortunately for all cap lovers has worldwide shipping).

Monday, February 17, 2014

Moments | Life on Two Wheels

M wears: Hoodie by American Outfitters / Pants by Shampoodle / Tee by Mini Rodini / Shoes by 10IS. D wears: Longsleeve by Minti / Pants by Minti / Shoes by Natives / Backpack by Munster kids.

It had been discussed for awhile, the kids needed new bikes. D had been pushing around on his balance bike for a couple of years, and M's secondhand bmx was getting way too small. Luckily M  had been doing some modelling work and earned up money that she wanted to spend on a new bike, and little brother had patiently been waiting for a big boy bike, so we thought let's just do it all at once. It took a couple of visits to different bike stores before we finally found two bikes that were perfect for the kids age and size.

M picked a 20" Holly bike, which is a mix between a classic girls bike and a beach cruiser bike. We loved the fact that it had a sturdy frame and wheels but still had a girls touch to it with its pale blue tone and flowers. D went straight for a 16" bmx bike with training wheels (really no need for those, since he has already got the balance but the novelty of training wheels made us keep them on for a while).

So when Sunday came around it was a day out side and on two wheels for the whole family (even Dad J tagged along on the scooter). We were lucky with the weather which offered sun after a morning of rain, so after a few hours of biking we all could enjoy a rest at a beach cafe, with lunch and ice-cream for a work well done.
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