Monday, January 31, 2011

At Home

I love seeing how families live, what furniture they like to sit in, what spaces they choose to relax in, or what inspires them on their walls. Maybe you do too, so every now and then I will share some of those houses that makes me happy. Here is one from Byron Bay, Australia. Don't you just love the beach vibe they have going here? From Vouge Australia.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I can't think of a more clever way to store all those tiny lego pieces that always seem to end up under the sole of my feet, followed by a boring discussion on where to put them. Even I wouldn't mind having lego around the living room if they had a home in one of these cool giant lego storage boxes. Only question is what colour should we get?? Available to buy here.

Ma Chambre

Some really nice rooms for small people over here. Good inspiration source if you are looking for ideas. Via Bianca & Family.

Minti Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak on Minti's Winter 2011 collection..All about being comfy and colourful.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Australian independent brand Electric Boys does tees that boys themselves seem to love!


Found these cute little soft toys over at Sally Nencini. They got so much character and I just love the bike wheel eyes. What do you look for when buying a soft toy for your child? Do you mind spending a few extra bucks on something handmade?

Danish Dynamite

Had to post a little taste of what the Danish brand Alba Baby is up to with their next collection. Soft velour and nice retro vibes that takes you all the way back to when I was a kid myself back in Sweden. Hard not to get a bit nostalgic and order a few items.

photos by Barbara Decré

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Casual Lad

Another kit I picked together from Oii barnkläder. Can't help but loving this casual black and grey combo for a little guy that likes to be comfortable yet styled.

Toy Store!

Not the cheapest toy storage around, but darn it's hard to resist! The bin dividers are removable so you can store a multitude of items of varying sizes – from the smallest Lego to oversized puzzles and everything in between. Available in birch and walnut finishes, with a white frame. Check the 'Toy Store' here.

Dress Up

Loving this simple dress up idea from Ouef. Available in 8 different animals: raccoon, fox, dog, zebra, cheetah, crocodile, giraffe, and tiger.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Lady Inc.

Oh la la... loving this Spring collection from Baby Lady Inc. Founded in 2009 by mother and Brooklyn fashion aficionado, Kat West. Especially love how they use the simplistic checkered fabric, the volume of the garments and how they just fall naturally on a small body.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pop Pop Portraits

There is something very special with these portraits done by Helena over at
Pop Pop Portraits. She does portraits from photos and the result are very sweet.


Classic ride in new bold colours. Brio have had this one in their collection for a long time and it still keeps kids smiling to this day. Right now we could use one of these at home, so my working chair on wheels could have a bit of a breather from the kids!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tried of Drip?

Finally a effective device that takes care of the dripping ice-cream and is small enough to actually bring with you when you are out and about. Available in 4 different colours, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Made in Sweden by NoDrip.

Available in Australia via Baby Goes Retro.

Small wardrobe

Loving this cute little set for a tiny girl. All items are available from Smallable

1. Ochred Danemark Scarf, April Showers
2. Cheyenne Boots, Zef
3. O Daria Ochred Cardigan, April Showers
4. Mouse Grey Leather Daisy Bag, April Showers
5. Hat, Milk On the Rocks
6. Ochred Lilas Necklace, April Showers
7. Kaki Feather Headband, Makie
8. Beige Pady Jacket, Isabel marant
9. Plum Bambi Baby Harem Pants, Gold
10. Maya Baby Blouse, Tammy Donohoe's

Sunday, January 23, 2011


OH! Loving this wall mounted LED light board. It functions as both a wall lamp and ingenious notice board. Amusingly shaped like a speech bubble, the design comes with its own whiteboard marker. In Norwegian Snakkes means “talk to you later” . I think we have to put one up in our daughters room and write, Clean your room please! :)


The LEKA Trojan Horse is a Swedish design classic and is represented in the permanent collection of the Modern Museum in Stockholm. This versatile wooden ride-on also doubles as a practical storage box with a drop down tail for hiding away your child’s favourite toys and books. Available in Green, Red, WhiteW:200 L:540 H:350 mm, 5,8 kg.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing drag about this rag!

Can't stop giggling when I see this plush toy. An eccentric style, organic cotton, a character from a distant planet My Name is Simone Jean-Louis, both little ones and parents will love!

Rain Rain...

Liking this mobile from Lovely The Butter Flying. All these mobiles and hand made by Sylvie the designer. Inspired by the nature and colors, she tried to create little poetic items which parents and children like.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Am very impressed by this label that is designed right here in Melbourne. Relaxed yet with an eye for nice edgy fashion. Just check these nice knickerbocker pants and tees out.. so stylish for summer on a little lad or gal for that matter.
Winter collection will be coming soon, and hopefully I will have some material to show you of that one as well.


Nifty hanging tree that you can either make yourself or order from Made by Gup

Inspiration from the past!

70°N is an architecture firm from Norway. Back in 1996, they took part in a competition to build 2 kindergartens in Tromsø. They won both. The kindergarten in Fjellvegen was completed in March 2006 and the kindergarten in Lars Thøringsveg in September 2006. The kindergartens have been built to have the possibility of variety in the use of rooms. With very simple moves one can change each room into new rooms of various sizes and functions. There are several options for combinations and joint actions of rooms and spaces.

Both teachers and students can change the environment as needed.


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