Sunday, June 30, 2013


One of the great benefits about writing a kids blog is that you get chances to review things like toys! We were very happy to hear from the makers of Flatout Frankie - a New Zealand brand of cardboard designed toys. The flat pack toys are not only creative but also easy on the environment and very smart on space!

The kids were very excited to fetch home a large flat packed parcel containing one racer car and a cooking oven. I had to explain to the kids that it was like making a big puzzle which they thought was a great idea. Today we had a chance to build it all together with the kids in the afternoon sun and it was such a fun thing to do together.  We started with the racer car and our 3 year old was very excited to get to help Daddy put it all together. We are happy to report that the putting together part was easy! Sometimes you buy things that sort of takes too long to put together and by the time its done there might be frustration in the air, but no such thing here. The design is well made and you just need to fold and insert. The racing car was done in about 10 minutes and then the little guy was off....Vroooooom!

Since its made of cardboard its easy to lift and run with for the little ones. It was a big hit straight away. All sorts of car noises came out of him as he ran around trying it out. While he was occupied we started on the cooking oven. It was made in 3 easy steps and then it was ready to start cooking with. M was so excited to see it done and it took her no time at all to run and get some play food and start cooking away. In fact the announcement of a newly opened restaurant came after only 10 minutes of playing with it. We were all invited of course to try out the menu.

These sort of toys get a big tick of approval from us. Not only are they fun to play with but they are something you can build with the kids and they encourage creative and active play. I also love the fact that they are 100% recyclable and when the kids are done playing with them you can always flat pack them for easy storage and take them out again and again.

Another plus is the fact that they get a second life after the kids have decorated them (you can of course also leave them in their white, striking bold graphic state as well). My son had a great time painting on lights and racing stripes on the side of the car and I think it added to the love of the car since he made it his very own. After the kids had a go with the car and the oven they switched toys and then another hour passed and new experiences were had. Definitely four thumbs up from this family!!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

DESIGN | Onshus

I get all giddy when a designer makes something that is not only esthetically wonderful but also manages to put a big dose of functionality in it as well. I have been on the hunt for a great desk for my almost 7 year old and came across Dutch design studio Onshus.  Their desk + bench combo 4zitter has it all. A beautiful airy feeling and clever storage space for books, pens etc. I love the clean lines and clever design and it would make a perfect workspace for a growing kiddo. via Rafa Kids

Fore more lovely designs visit:

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Things I Love | 5 Sale Favourites

With most online shops having their big season sales at the moment there are a lot of things to choose between and most are up to - 50% off. Here are a few of my favorite items that are available on sale out there.

1......... Surf onesie by Mini & Maximus available at Orange Mayonnaise
2......... Fox print by Silke Bonde available at Minibots
3......... Pink Jersey Blouse by Merveilles available at My Little Square
4......... Bomok Wings Slippers by Easy Peasy available at Noeuf
5......... Loutus Bag by April Showers by Polder available at Scandinavian Minimall

Friday, June 28, 2013

Brand Watch | New Generals SS14

"Down with the celebrities craze and obsession with the stars”, proclaimed New Generals. Everyone is a star and everyone is special. With the brand’s SS14 collection we celebrate the STAR in everyone." 

A sneak peek at what comes around the corner in Danish fashion forward label New Generals SS14 collection. At first hand the collection appears to have simple cuts and silhouettes but when you look closely you’ll find unusual details with crisp graphics. The color palette is restrained but at the same time is alive with contrast between crisp whites and subtle sub variations, lively cerise, intense petroleum blue and of course lots of black – a NEW GENERALS trademark.

New for the season are also the sneakers which comes in a variety of different colours and patters, all which compliments the New General outfits. For more info and online shopping opportunities visit:


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moments | Stalker

D wears: Sweatshirt by Bobo Choses / Cord pants by Shampoodle / Beanie by Vans / Shoes by 10IS.

As the title says, that is how I feel, like a stalker. This little guy is constantly off exploring, asking why and you keep following him around while he gets a better idea how everything works in this world. So there you are, 2 meters behind keeping an eye and trying not to loose sight of the little curious boy.

Holiday Dreaming | Beach House

It is easy to dream away to blissful days of holiday when you see these images of this beach house by Martin Gomez Arquitectos. We are on the last stretch before school holidays and with a couple of crazy days behind us, we can't wait!!!

Martin Gomez specializes in beach houses in Uruguay and Argentina, and is "obsessed with contextualizing his works within the landscape," he says. This single-story coastal house, set on a grassy knoll overlooking the sea, gets it just right. Via Nonchalant Mom.

See more at Estudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos.

On their Feet | 10IS

This limited edition from 10IS SS13 collection has a bit of magic in them! Inside, the canvas remains white. But when you go out, under the sunlight (UV), a multicolored camo pattern starts to appear… then disappears again when you return inside. A bit of urban magic we think!

Available in selected stores and online here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lost at Sea | Monster Riot

Absolutely love these posters in a print series called "Lost at Sea" by Monster Riot over at Society6. There are lots of great graphic posters for the kiddo rooms that are a bit different and packed with imagination (check out The Cloud Creator). via LMNOP

Right now there is free shipping worldwide until Sunday!

End of the Year Sale @ Minibots

This is the season of bargains!!! Check out Minibots BIG End of the Year Stocktake Sale. The sale starts Wednesday 26th and goes to Sunday the 30th of June. 50% OFF Winter stock and all new stock at a crazy 40% OFF. 5 days only, so be quick if you are looking for a certain size or label.

Minibots carries a wide array of unique labels like, Kid Collective, Mini & Maximus, Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Nico Nico, Soft Gallery, Sudo, Munster etc. and great decorative interior labels like OMM Design, Silke Bonde to mention a few.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Moments | Colour in Winter

M wears: Feather Flauge jacket by Missie Munster / Pants by Mini & Maximus / Boots by EMU UGGS / Beanie by Zara.

Winter never gets boring in this jacket by Missie Munster (and I can always spot her in any playground!).


Sale is in full swing over at Skip To My Lou! From the 23/6 - 30/6 they are doing FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50, as well as 30-65% OFF storewide. Use code take30 for 30% OFF storewide. You can find labels like, Sudo / Mini & Maximus / Moi / New Generals / Tane Organics / Dandelion / Bobo Choses etc in the sale.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moments | Chasing the Sun

M wears: Jacket by Witchery Kids / Cardigan by Kidscase / Longsleeve by Allsorts / Jeans by Scotch & Shrunk / Shoes by Walnut Melbourne / Beanie by Vans. D wears: Jacket by Mini Rodini / Pants by Bobo Choses / Shoes by Vivo Barefoot / Cap by Mini & Maximus

Weekend snapshots from a sunny and cold Saturday. Chasing some good moments in the sun. As usual the weekends goes way too fast, and we are so looking forward to some days off at the upcoming school holidays.

Our Sunday didn't exactly go as planned. We were meant to go off and meet some good friends in a park but instead we had to visit the ER after D confessed after a nights throwing up that he had swallowed a marble at his kinder. Not sure what to do in the marble swallowing scenario we took him in to check him out. Once reassured that marbles are easy to pass the natural way and what to look out for in case it had somehow lodge itself in there we felt more easy taking him home again. Life is never dull with this boy!! Hope everybody has had a relaxing weekend and a chance to recharge.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Brand Watch | Handmade in NYC

There is so much to love about the handmade label from NYC, Two Els. I love that it is in fact handmade by mother of two Hollie. I love that she has kept the look and design timeless with gorgeous pieces in black and white and sprinkled it with some great patterns. I love how she has managed with the hard equation of mixing glamorous with playful and succeeded!

I get endless of inspiration from her instagram feed, so make sure you follow her to get the latest on this wonderful label. Visit their website for more information on where to find a stockist near you.

:: TWO ELS ::

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moments | Thursday Thoughts

D wears: Hoodie by Soft Gallery / Cord pants by Shampoodle / Shoes by Converse / Beanie by Vans.

Thursday is our slow down day. The little guy is off from Kinder and for me it means a day with no school drop off since my husband does that so its generally a nice way to slow down as the week comes to an end. Didn't have too much on the agenda today except for finishing of some work and hanging out with my youngest. I can't believe how big he is getting. Hardly any signs of my baby left, instead there is a curious little soul who has taken over and has filled my days with .....why? why? why mum?

Here are some photos from today when we went to post a letter and have some lunch. The little guy got to try the new Toca Boca Hairsaloon 2 (which is free to download for a limited time in the app store) and he loved it. It is so creative and fun that even I am having a hard time to stay away from colouring hair and cutting mohawks.
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