Monday, September 30, 2013

Brand Watch | JUST BO

There will be a lot of exciting Brand Watches this week peeps so make sure you pop in and check out some of my favourite (not so big that everybody has them in their closet sort of ) labels that are worth writing down! First out this week is JUST BO, I label I fell head over heels in love with a little while back. As you might now I am a sucker for raw design, marle grey, vintage black and comfortable styles. JUST BO ticks all those boxes and more.

JUST BO is unisex basics for kids aged 0-10 years. All products are made from the finest fabric. Their motto is simplicity & comfort and the collection is not only timeless but it is cool without overdoing it. I also like that all their pieces are very easy to combine so you won't have to think hard to find a nice outfit of the day. JUST BO is designed and founded by Geraldine Kol, marketer and founder of Born2Bseen. (where you of course also can find her own label Just Bo. )

For more information on the label and to find out where you can shop JUST BO visit:

:: JUST BO ::

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moments | Run Wild


M wears: Mika Sweatshirt by Mini & Maximus / Cloud pants by Shampoodle / Tee by Mini & Maximus. D wears: Surf Campo Hoodie by Frank & Lu / Tee by Mini & Maximus / Cap by Munster, Leggings by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by MAÁ shoes.

It was a Friday full of energy. Both kids at home and a lot of different ideas on what to do. One wanted to be Spiderman the other wanted to paint her nails. We did both and then decided to have a picnic outside. The sun has been very moody lately so when its finally out you got to grab the opportunity to play in it. It has also been a very windy week so the only place you can go to be free from it is that special sand dune place which is sheltered from all the hard winds coming from the sea.  M was happy to get to try out her sweater that she drew for Mini & Maximus. It arrived the other week and it was fun seeing how proud she was to wear it. 

Little brother got to try out the good jumping place and we all got to have a good tumble in the sand. I can't wait until we can actually bring some swim wear and spend a whole afternoon here.

Happy Sunday out there!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to the Ball | H&M All For Children '13

Halloween is quickly approaching and yet again H&M is launching another super cute All For Children collection. This time around they bring your kids into the fantasy world of an 18th century masquerade ball. The collection includes costumes for both boys and girls and some of the costumes that are included are, Marie Antoinette dresses, mermaid costumes, bat capes and pirate outfits, all with matching accessories.

The collection will be available online from October 3rd and in stores beginning October 10.

25% off all sales will support UNICEF's work in Bangladesh to improve access to quality education for some of the worlds most vulnerable children.

Let the party begin!!

Moments | Weekend

First week of school holiday has passed. We have managed to do quite a lot together and still been able to squeeze in some work in there as well. We have also celebrated a special 7 year old, and had a fun packed day on Thursday where everybody was off work/daycare to make the day special for M. When I get through the photos we took that day I will share some of them here.

There will be a lot of exciting Brand Watches to come up next week so keep an eye on the blog to see some interesting and fairly new labels that have some amazing design in their collections.

Today is Grand Final day here in Australia (which for the non Australians is Australian Football finals) and pretty much all of Victoria stands still. Since we are not major footy fans we will try and visit a couple of places that are normally people packed, and enjoy the lack of long queues ;) Enjoy your Saturday out there!

Ps: and no my desk is normally not this clean... usually its full of notebooks, pens, photos and toys! So I had to take a photo to remember how nice it looks organized and clean in hope it would look like this again soon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Moments | In Between the Dunes

M wears: Flutter Dress by Missie Munster / Sweater by Mango Kids / Shoes by Natives

Some moments from school holiday. In between the cooler winds we have found the perfect place to enjoy the sun. In between the dunes where the wind sort of dies down and it is easy to warm up and have fun jumping from the dunes. That is the perfect spot for re-charging and enjoy a quick lunch. Have a lovely weekend out there!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


There are a lot of nice additions to H&M HOME KIDS this season. We couldn't help but to get some new duvet covers like the deer cover for M and for D we picked the T-REX CAMP cover since he is a major dinosaur fan. Above you can find some of our own picks that are great for kids rooms. A major thumbs up is the affordable price as well. Loving the storage boxes and how cool is the Hey rug? All items and more are available in their online Home section.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moments | School Holiday

M wears: Van Halen tee by Chaser Kids / Skirt by Mini Rodini / Shoes by Minnetonka / Hoodie by Talc / Backpack by Bobo Choses / Temporary tattoos by Tattyoo.

School holiday is in full swing over here. It is a mix between blissful moments with just mother and daughter and also a bit of head scratching on how to manage to get some work done and entertain your school free child at the same time. I am fortunate enough to be able to most of my work from home so we manage to combine fun and work time pretty OK by now. Here are some photos from our first day off. We met up with some good friends for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon down by the beach side to just play and chat together.  We found a whole handful of beach treasures to put in the special box at home (the one you have to remember to put a bit extra high so little brother doesn't reach it). Then it was time for some recharge in the form of coffee for mum and icy pole for the daughter. We ended it off with sharing a huge plate of season fruits. Good end to a great first day of school holiday.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello Summer | Pom D'Api

The cutest sandals comes from French label Pom D'Api! We finally settled on these sandals for summer and recently had the chance to see them up close. Made from the softest leather and a padded sole that can withstand all the walking a summer can ask of little feet. It also features a metallic shine and they are the perfect blend of style and comfort. How cute are the shells underneath the shoes!?

You can find them here & here.

:: POM D'API ::

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boys Style | Monday Outfit

Sent the little guy off to Kinder this morning and this was his Monday outfit. The morning gets quite hectic around here so I had to snap off a few shots with the camera phone. This seem to work for a kinder outfit for us, some sturdy denims, a tee and a parka that can protect against the wind when they are out playing.

In true Melbourne style by the time it he went out the door we had to keep the jacket and beanie at home, the sun had woken up and given us warmer weather already!

Parka by Zara / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Batman tee by Zara / Beanie by Vans / Shoes by 10IS.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moments | Chesterfield Children's Farm

M wears: Fleece by Bobo Choses / Skirt by April Showers / Leggings by Soft Gallery / Tee by ESP no.1 D wears: Tee by Chasers Kids / Denims by Pumpkin Patch / Fleece by Bobo Choses / Cap by Munster Kids.

Both kids voted for seeing some animals this weekend, so on Saturday we drove up to Chesterfield Children's Farm ( I have written about it before here). It is a fully operational farm that is open daily for families ( you can buy feed bags and several times a day they have tractor rides and learn how to milk a cow sessions). I still find it funny as a Swede to come to a farm and find animals like Ostriches, Camels, Lamas and Alpacas. But of course you also find the more common ones like lambs, goats, pigs, rabbits, horses, cows etc.

Both kids got their own feeding bag and went right to it. It took a while for the kids to work up their courage to feed the bigger animals, but they finally got there. M fed the most gorgeous deer which was all white and so gentle. We had a great time walking around, going on a tractor ride (which sent D into a euphoric state... traaaactors!) The highlights of the day was seeing the kids just interacting with the animals, and the parents had a few share of their own interactions. I had to range in an escaped baby lamb who got out of its pen (read D opened the pen door) and carry it back in. And the cheeky ostrich (see pic) who took a whole feed bag from the Dad who bravely wanted to show us how you feed an ostrich the right way! All of us giggled while Dad here tried to get it back... needless to say he lost the battle, and the ostrich had a good, big lunch.

A great way to spend a Saturday and definitely something the kids remembers and love to visit again.
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