Friday, May 27, 2011


Not only does this cover look absolute great but the book is equally good too.

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Little Owl has fallen out of his nest and can't find his mummy! Luckily kind Squirrel takes on the cause of finding Mummy Owl, and Little Owl does his best to desribe what she looks like.

After rejecting some unlikely candidates (a huge bear, a googly-eyed frog, a startled rabbit) Little Owl is eventually re-united with his relieved mum.

This is a lovely, repetitive story that kids and parents will relate to strongly. Chris Haughton's fantastic illustrations are bold and retro, in a palette that reminds me of the most glamorous sixties wallpaper! I particularly like the happy afternoon tea ending, and Squirrel's very true words `Biscuits are our favourite thing' (they are! how did he know?) Read this one aloud - and then prepare to read it over and over again.

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