Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moments | Burning energy

M wears: Jeans by Shrunk by Scotch // Hoodie by The Brand // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Hummel.  D wears: Jeans by I Dig Denim // Hoodie by The Brand // Beanie by The Brand // Shoes by Vans.

It feels like we are never going to get a nice warm weekend to enjoy. Every weekend has turned into some cold excuse to stay inside. Well with kids there is no such option, so we drove to a big park where the kids could go nuts with their scooters. Us parents tried to keep up as quick as we could. It is amazing how quick they zoom off on those scooters. The wind was quite hard so we didn't stay for too long but instead opted to drive back towards the city and head to a marina and check out some big boats and nice cafes. I will post some photos of that adventure tomorrow instead.. right now it's time for dinner then they are showing How to Train your Dragon, which is a bit of a favorite here at home, so I am sensing a bit of couch hanging and popcorn coming this way... Hope you all are having a good weekend too. 


  1. Every single time I visit your blog it gives me such an energy and positive feeling with all these beautiful photos!!!

    1. Hi Katrin,
      thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment... it feels good to hear people enjoy them, and even better that they give you a bit of energy! Hope you will have a nice weekend over there in France.


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