Thursday, January 7, 2016

MOMENTS | A Trip to Garden of Eden

M wears: Amma rose Top by iglo+indi / Minna hare pants by iglo+indi. D wears: Eyfi Penguin pants by iglo+indi / Toki Panda top by iglo+indi.

The best thing about holidays are of course that you get to do more of what you like. One place we haven't been to before but have wanted to visit for a while is the Garden of Eden Nursery. A little green oasis in the middle of Albert Park. Ever since our little palm tree died (yes I can't brag about having very green fingers) we needed a new green friend in our livingroom. A good friend recommended this nursery, and what a little treasure trove it is! They have an abundance of both indoor and outdoor plants and for the interior lover there is plenty to feast your eyes on as well! The kids loved visiting and it was fun making plans for our little garden. If you ever are in the area it's definitely worth a visit!

We ended up getting a lush parlor palm for our living room and a nifty little air plant for our dino planter at home, and yes, we ended up with a cute little polar bear which miss M couldn't resist.

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