Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moments | By The Beach

M wears: Tee by Åhléns, Leggings by Molo, Cap by Billabong, Gumboots by Bergstein // D wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus, Longsleeve by Cotton on Kids, Pants by Katvig, knitted cap by Diesel.

It was a magical day today. One of those days you just sort of live off for a long time. After a couple of days with rather cold weather (one day was even a crazy 13c inside!!) this morning greeted us with sunshine and low and behold, warm weather! We celebrated the start of the weekend with getting breakfast out. There is nothing like having breakfast served to you after a long week of rushing and making breakfast in the morning. We quickly realized it was going to be a lovely day when we saw that the sea was absolutely calm and not even a breeze of wind was around. It was like a massive mirror out there, so after our breakfast in the bay we drove back home to pack up for a day at the beach. As ususal the kids gets VERY wet when we go down there so we packed lots of change, in case they would get cold.

Ahhhh... it was warm down at the Bluff, and I haven't enjoyed the beach so much in a long time. Soaking up the sun and hearing the kids play while the waves making those lovely rolling noises was heaven. Of course like always with kids there were occational hilarious moments when either one or both kids falls into the water (which is still very cold), or flying water buckets that seem to always end up on somebody's sandcastle... We stayed for a few hours and even got some fish n chips to enjoy in the sand which tasted amazing (most likely because the scenery and the fresh air made us so hungry!). By the end, almost all clothes and gumboots, etc had come off and gotten wet and dried in the sun at least one time each... This day will recharge our low winter batteries for a while, and promise such good times when Spring and Summer finally gets over to this side of the globe.


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