Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moments | Spotting Pelicans

M wears: tracksuit by Shampoodle, shoes by Hummel.

The sea was like a big silvery mirror today. No wind in sight, and lots of sun to warm us up. We got lucky and spotted several pelicans today, how magnificent are they in close up. Here are a few photos of Miss M today. She was wearing her favorite tracksuit by Shampoodle. She was almost camouflaged in nature with it! Love this earthy tone on her, and she really likes how the pants are made, tight on the calves and loose and comfy on the thighs. She calls them her ninja pants.


  1. i am in love! Where can i find this tracksuit???

  2. Hi! We bought it a while back, but I think it is still available at Oii.

  3. Beautiful tracksuit and beautiful photos as always!

    1. Hi Katrin! Thank you, how are things in France?? Got any summer yet?

  4. Hi! It is quite rainy here in France at the moment, but I hope we will get some nice weather and sunshine when going to Sweden in July:). Wish you a lovely day!


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