Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Me

Had a bit of fun with collecting a "mini me" kit from one of the many amazing photos from The Sartorialist blog. All items (except I Dig Denim jeans) available at Smallable.
  1. TALC Flower barrette, purple.
  2. CORRINNE PHILIPPON Anastasia headband
  3. LOUIS LOUISE Liliane blouse
  4. BELLEROSE Valerine carrot pants
  5. POM D'API Desert brogue shoes
  6. TALC bowler hat
  7. MILK ON THE ROCKS Fake fur vest
  8. NICO.NICO Tunisian t-shirt off white
  9. I DIG DENIM Soho raw
  10. LOUIS LOUISE Polka dots scarf
  11. GOLDEN GOOSE Clark shoes
  12. MINOLTA system camera

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