Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Children's Gallery International

I am liking the idea of place where kids can share their art and get inspired by seeing what other kids create. Well recently I got an email from Michelle McInerney the creator of The International Children’s Gallery. A new online art gallery for displaying the artwork of children aged 0-13 years - a dedicated space for showcasing the imagination and creativity of our gorgeous little children, at home and at school.

From drawings to painting, craft and poetry this lovingly curated gallery helps children to develop a new sense of pride about their beautiful work and to feel like a famous artist!

Uploading artwork is quick and easy – parents and teachers can upload photographs of their children's artwork 'in a jiffy', in just three simple steps, and the kids will be so excited to see their pictures in a gallery! The simple act of creating is the founding principle of this gallery. If a child is inspired to create in even one home as a result of this project then this truly is a happy space.

The gallery is not here to judge or curate – all children’s artwork is valued and published. It’s real, it’s possible, it’s theirs. Check it out, and feel free to spread the word!

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