Monday, October 17, 2011

"Girls are Cool"

Sometimes the day throws challenges at you that you just haven't planned for. A couple of days ago we were on the train, when my daughter Mika spotted a transvestite. I could see her little mind was spinning, she tilted her head but said nothing. She looked down at the red shiny shoes all the way up to the blond long wig. After we went off on our stop she asked me.

"Mum, that boy was beautiful...
Yes, I replied.
Why was he wearing girls clothing?
Oh, I am sure he likes wearing them.
But he was a boy, can a boy be wearing girls clothes?
Yes, well, some boys like wearing them, they like feeling pretty and it makes them feel good. ( I was trying to think of the best thing to say in 33c heat and trying to get two kids quickly to a ice cream cake shop, and back without the cake melting).
I can understand that...they want to be like girls and girls are pretty cool and everybody should be allowed to feel a bit cool..."

And that was the end of that discussion... I had to laugh, I love how things are fairly simple for kids. There is no strangeness to want to feel good. The what-ever-works theory. I wish we adults had just a teeny tiny bit of their acceptance and understanding.

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