Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Thoughts

I love how the mind works on a 5 year old. At the moment we go once a week to a school introduction day, where my girl get to visit her school that she will start in next year. As we were walking home from the morning class we passed a catholic school which Mika pointed at and said, is this my school? No, I said, this isn't your school, this is a catholic school for boys and girls. What's catholic?
It's a religion.
Oh like God and such.
I know him, God. He sits on a bench and he can see everything! Even Africa and the snow in Sweden all at the same time!
Yes! He can even see the pandas eat bamboo all the way in China! He's got good eyes!

And that was our religious talk of the morning...haha.


  1. Men visst är det bra att han har så bra syn den där guden haha ; )

    Så kul och få ta del av alla deras tankar och syn på saker!

  2. Nina,
    jo visst har dom en skön syn på saker o ting. Blir konstant förvånad vilken koll dom har på saker :)


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