Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let There Be Light!

The lights for children's rooms have changed a bit from my days of growing up that's for sure. I had a simple orange nightlight that plugged into the wall... I think I would have loved a miffy lamp or any of these ones below... they will totally put that soft extra spot over the i in any kids room.

  1. Candeloo Modern Kids rechargeable nightlight.
  2. Zzzolights from Officina Crea
  3. Mushroom and rabbit nightlight from Egmont
  4. Giraffe from Officina Crea
  5. PXL Lamp by Fredrik Mattson
  6. Barbapapa nightlight by Leblon-Delienne
  7. Miffy Lamp by
  8. Happy Daschund lamp by Megasii Design
  9. Dinosaur lamps by DIYnosaur
  10. Rocket Lamp by Rocky Ceiling Light.

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