Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moments | Let's go to the Skate Park

M wears: Top by nosweet / Skirt by nosweet / Leggings by Cotton On Kids / Shoes by Hummel Kids. D wears: Top by nosweet / Sweatpants by nosweet / shoes by MAÁ Shoes.

A big, new skate park has been built recently in St.Kilda and we had to check it out the other day.  It truly is a cool skate park with an amazing bowl, and lots of areas were both pros and newbies can practice. M & D brought their scooters (since they are a lot more confident with that than skating) and tried it out. Both kids zoomed back and forth and I have to admit it puts the parent heart to the test. Kids are buzzing around and you are just sort of waiting for a crash at some point. Luckily non of that happened and the kids had a blast. We also checked out the more seasoned skaters in the big bowls who pulled some nice airs and some smooth grinds while the music was going on somebody's stereo.

When the kids had enough we went to the playground which is only about a stone throw away, and checked it out. It had some nice balance tracks and we ended up piling up rock towers to see who could knock them all down first. M won, and then it was stone throwing into the sea instead. It was a great day which ended up with lunch at a local hangout and a movie at home. It was fair to say we were all a bit exhausted after a long day outside with lots of thrills to go around for awhile!

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