Sunday, November 10, 2013

Moments | City Visit Part II

After the visit at the National Gallery we went down to the South Yarra river for a play on the Art Playground of Birrarung Mar. The kids explored the slides, climbing pyramids and all the other fun play equipment they have there. Its such a nice playground not too far from the banks of the South Yarra river. After an hour of play we finally got the kids of the playground in the form of a ice-cream promise. We walked up the steps to Federation Square and relaxed in the sun chairs there, while the kids munched on ice-cream and the adults had a coffee break.

The Federation Square is famous for its architectural uniqueness. Materials like stone, glass, metal is mixed in one big geometrical tribute, and it stands out in the middle of older more classic buildings like the yellow Flinders Station. We love to visit the ACMI building which is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. They always have great little movie gems showing, or some interesting exhibition to explore. They also have a little store with some great finds, like art books or rare movies.

After we had a break in the sun everybody started to get a bit dozy so we decided to take the kids to Hosier Lane. A street filled with some amazing street art and great cafes. This was truly the best way to experience art for the kids. Nobody telling you "don't touch" or sigh when you wanted to do a big jump. It was such a great way to finish our day in the city and we definitely have to come back soon with the kids and do some more exploring!


  1. Hi there! It's nice to see you! ;)

    1. Hi Kinga, yes not a big fan of selfies..haha, but I do pop up from time to time when I can toss the camera to my hubby ;)


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