Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moments | City Visit - Part I

M wears: Top by Bobo Choses / Skirt by Mango Kids / Leggings by Småfolk / Sandals by Pom D'Api. D wears: Top by TUSS / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Cap by CTH mini / Shoes by Converse.

Since it was a long weekend last week we decided to do something that we don't get to do much, visit the city. Normally when we are all in the car in the morning rush shipping kids off to school, kinder and work for the parents we always talk about how nice it would be to drive by it all and just do something together, so this day we decided to do just that since it was a Monday, but we were all having a day off. Last time we visited the National Art Gallery, M was a baby. Back then it wasn't too easy because she had just started to walk and she wanted to go everywhere and touch everything. This time around we thought it would be an easy and interesting thing to do with the kids.

As it turned out 7 is a perfect age to walk around and watch amazing art works from around the world, but 4 is another story. D was super interested, but also had put in the 5th gear and wanted to run around and yes.. touch all the crazy modern art works (of course). Turns out you still see with your fingers at age 4. But all though a few... ((( don't touch ))) echoed in the art gallery, it was still a fun experience and it was neat to show the kids some of the most famous painters like Picasso, Dalí etc. M thought Picasso was fun and she liked how he painted things, although the "ladies in the paintings didn't look like they had a good time ". Since we had paid an all day parking ticket we decided to head out into the city after the gallery tour and explore all the amazing things Melbourne city has to offer. Melbourne is packed with exciting sculptures and interesting buildings, so everything pretty much turns into a big playground. The kids didn't waste anytime and went straight into climbing everything they could find. These are the days you realize just how much things there is to do with kids in Melbourne if you just take the time to park the car a bit closer to the city and just wander around.

To be continued tomorrow...

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