Thursday, November 28, 2013

Close Up | Soft Gallery, Bobo Choses, Atsuyo Et Akiko

It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised when you order things online, and with these three labels you always seem to be. The only downside to online shopping is of course that you can't touch and feel the garments you are buying. The colours might be slightly different to the production photos or the fabric might not at all be what you had in mind when you receive it. Not to mention the size issue. That is why I started the Close Up features. When I brows on blogs, etc I love seeing some great close up photos of garments and they give me a better idea what the item might be like when I order it. Here are a couple of garments I found and fell in love with recently at Minibots and Shan & Toad.
I have had my eye on the wonderful Silas Bear Sweatshirt for a while now, and when they had a sale on it, it was too good to pass up on. All Soft Gallery's clothes are little pieces of art, and this sweatshirt is no exception! There are so many lovely details on this sweatshirt that just takes it far and beyond a normal sweatshirt. Little sequin eyes, yarn stitched ears and golden threads makes it almost magical and definitely fun to touch for the kids. The quality is nice and thick and will be an item we will treasure for a long time to come.

The nice baggy Gaberiel shorts are also from Soft Gallery and has a nice thick terry quality to them. They got a solid drawstring waist and a nice contrast pocket on the back. When you live in Australia you can basically never get too many shorts (or so we have found out over the years) especially when you have a boy which practically lives in them when the warmer weather comes around.

For some reason I wasn't too crazy about the latest collection of Bobo Choses, but some things really grew on me and this guitar button front tee was one of those tops we simply had to get. I love that both my girl and my boy can wear this. The last two items was a lovely denim skirt also from Bobo Choses and a printed circus tee (also unisex) from Atsuyo Et Akiko.

Regarding the size I would say Soft Gallery and Atsuyo Et Akiko run slightly on the small size so my recommendation is to go up at least 1 size and I find Bobo Choses are running right on size this season. All items except for the circus tee is currently on sale.

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