Tuesday, November 19, 2013

GIRL | A Shoe for Every Outfit

Brazilian brand Melissa have been making fashion forward, bubbel-gum coloured plastic shoes for over 25 years now. Their mini versions aptly named Mini Melissa have been very popular with the kids and the great advantage is of course that you can easily clean them and not worry too much about wear and tear (or puddles for that matter). The Mary Jane design comes in an array of different eye catching designs and colours from pussy cats and foxes to strawberry fields.

I couldn't help but matching a few outfits from Minibots selection (who also sells Mini Melissa) for either a print happy little girl with a street style taste or a more classic party outfit for a girl with princess dreams.

1. Ear hat by Mini Rodini / 2. Minnie Tee by Kid Collective / 3. Fox shoes by Mini Melissa / 4. Milli shorts by Nelly Stella / 5. Weeping Willow tutu by Tutu Du Monde / 6. Sea Shell Shrug by Tutu Du Monde / 7. Bow light pink shoe by Mini Melissa 

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