Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moments | Winter Beach

D wears: Jacket by Mini Rodini, Tee by Louie Louis, leggings by Kiniki, Beanie by Rockefella, shoes by Pumpkin Patch.

There is absolutely nothing that can get you in a better mood than a sunny day! I am sorry about the massive batch of photos but when you are in such a good mood the camera is hard to stop :) After a couple of grey, cold days, it was such a great sight to open the door and be greeted by a blue sky and crisp air. The little man and I grabbed some quick lunch nibbles and headed down to poke our toes in the sand. There is nothing more fun than seeing D run around in the sand. It is a little bit like watching cows hit the green pasture after a winter inside the barn! He LOVES it. We munched on chicken sandwiches, mandarins, watched the dogs run by, sipped on coffee (mum of course), watched beach things with a magnifying glass, and dipped our toes in the cold winter sea! I am hoping we get something similar for weather tomorrow... these just simply the best sort of days...ever.


  1. It's so weird that you have winter there at the same time than we are heading to summer! Although your winter is nothing compared to ours :D Looks like Finnish spring-time. Or maybe summer... :D

    Love the jacket and sneakers :)

    1. Maria, yes it took me a LONG time to get use to that winter was in July and summer in Christmas time.. I am not sure I still have gotten use to it. Yesterday was a good day, winter wise, normally a proper winter day here is full of wind, rain and around 5c. Doesn't sound too cold maybe but with a proper wind on it is really bone chilling, and the inside is nothing like Scandinavian houses.. there are drafts everywhere and no radiators!


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