Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Just as I was scratching my head for the 10th time to find some nice and more easy on the wallet alternative for bedlinen and home accessories for kids I stumble over the Swedish, Hus & Hem article about how H&M is starting a kids range in their HOME collection this Autumn! The above photos are from their new range and I have to say I am loving it! Happy colours and animal patterns can hardly go wrong now can it?? There will also be a baby section and both will be in organic cotton to boot. Keep an eye out this Autumn on their website.


  1. Such great news! I'm going to move Mia into a bed at the end of summer and want to redo her room - this line looks great! Sorry I have commented for a while (it's Jenny from the old The Little List blog). Still loving all you post! xxx

  2. lovely lovely! will definitely be buying some of that coolness! love that towel! great find! thank you : ) you may need to remind me again come Autumn ; ) in our new house, good excuse for new home stuff : D

  3. Hi Jenny! Good to hear from you :) Yes isn't this great! I love all of those nice ranges from Ferm Living etc etc, but some of them are SO expensive. This will definitely make a good excuse to buy more than one..haha. LOVE your tumblr page!!

  4. Emma - Sure will remind you! I love the bold colours! Especially in a white room like ours kids room. I will have to send my mum shopping in Sweden..haha. Still have NO H&M down under.

  5. These are wonderful! The collection includes many must-haves.

    Can I borrow these pictures on my blog?


  6. Hi Maria,

    sure go right ahead! I saw you added some more images as it looks good, love their storage solutions and the bedlinen are just rockin'!

    PS, love your blog! Your little ones are so adorable and stylish!

  7. I buy absolutely bedlinen and storage baskets. I can´t wait to get my hand on these :)

    PS, Oh, thank you :) Your blog is awesome! I like your style, and I read your posting on a daily basis.

  8. Maria, lets remind each other when Autumn comes huh? :) Thanks for the inspiration! Do you have twins or are they just similar in age? Too cute!


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