Sunday, June 7, 2015

MOMENTS | Hiking in the Ranges

D wears: Luke jacket by I Dig Denim / Wolf hoodie by Petitbo / Arizona blue jeans by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Converse. M wears: Merino wool longsleeve by Smalls / Quilted denim jacket by molo / Jeans by Seed / Boots by Cotton on Kids.

Long weekend and finally a chance to slow down. An extra day off can feel amazing sometimes, and we wanted to make sure we got out in nature one of the days with the kids. Friends had told us about the lovely Piggery café up in the Dandenong ranges so after breakfast we decided it was time for a little visit up there. After an 40 min drive we finally drove into the lovely ranges and was greeted with some amazing scenery with tall trees and lush ferns.

As soon as we got out of the car we realized it was a lot colder up here!  We were happy we had packed some nice warm jackets and made sure to put the kids in a nice layer of merino wool tops to keep their warmth. We quickly headed for the cafe put was met by a long cue (apparently we were not the only ones who had the good idea of visiting). Instead of waiting, we decided to go for a walk in the nearby forrest, hopefully the hectic lunch demand had settled down by the time we got back. We always love coming up here and fill our lungs with some fresh air. You can really feel the difference up here. The kids always try and find the tallest tree and you feel wonderfully small when you walk here. After a good hour of walking our tummies were hungry so we headed back to the Piggery cafe. The cue had gotten a bit smaller so we decided it was worth jumping in. The kids had fun at a nearby playground so it made the waiting a lot easier.

We finally got inside and it was so nice to sit down in the warmth of the cafe and get to order some delicious food. The cafe has a lovely ambiance and the rustic charm seem to rub off on everybody's mood here. We can definitely recommend this place, but make sure you either book a table beforehand or go on a weekday when it's not so busy. Make sure you don't leave without buying a loaf of bread from the Beeches bakery, absolutely delicious! We hope you are enjoying the long weekend out there!


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