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BRAND WATCH | Kids On The Moon SS15

OCEANIA - is the name of Kids On The Moon's new SS15 collection.
Inspired by the depths of oceans and lunar seas the new collection from Kids on the moon is a true deep-dive. Shades of stormy waters are livened up by washed-out stripes, seaweed-inspired checks, pearly skirts and bright corals. A perfect ecosystem of the underwater life touched by the moonlight. Stylefashion-wise the spirit of the collection is slouching towards grunge with oversized tops, layers, faded colours, checks and juxtapositions of patterns and structures. Delicate, almost ethereal and luxurious pearl dresses are great paired with a long hoodie and combat boots.

The silhouettes are loose and nonchalant whereas ombre and faded shades add an edge to overall dreamy and summery collection.

Q&A with Magda Rams and Hysil Sander

Magda Rams, Kids on the moon designer: “Between the ebb and flow, the moon and the bottom of the ocean”

— Where exactly is OCEANIA?
OCEANIA is a fantasy land inhabited by magical creatures, somewhere between the ebb and f low, between the moon and the bottom of the ocean. It is a place with no gravity, where nothing is obvious but everything is connected. The water, the moon, space and freedom. In OCEANIA things change in a split second…

— Can you tell us more about grungy side of OCEANIA?
Grunge gave fashion incredible freedom and laid-back attitude. Mixing and matching of different patterns and structures encourage playfulness. What could be better in kids’ fashion than freedom and playfulness? On the surface OCEANIA is calm and sweet but if you take a closer look it is edgy, nonchalant and has a rebellious nature. The collection is inspired by the sea so the colours are washed out, faded and the fabrics slightly creased.  Even when we use luxurious shimmery cotton we show it in grungy version – very casual, asymmetrical, creased. Paired with combat boots or sneakers it results in a very effortless style - a perfect blend of tough and tender.  

— OCEANIA is more colourful than Kids on  the moon previous collections. You use new fabrics and styles. Where is this coming from?  
 Kids on the moon is a brand in constant movement. We like to play with differ-ent conventions. Every season takes us to different areas of creativity. Our current collection points to similarities between the underwater world and space. We took a deep-dive and met some incredible sea creatures living amongst beautiful coral reefs. Inspired by this imaginary journey we used the shades of the underworld but... added Kids on the moon touch – so the final colours are delicately washed out, faded but still bright and summery.  We’ve introduced pearlcoated cotton as it is one of the trends and it perfectly matches our concept of OCEANIA. The fabrics are, as always very high quality and natural and the styles comfortable.  - OCEANIA is 100% Kids on the moon!

Hyshil Sander, artist, illustrator, author of Oceania’s:“Moonjellies make me feel Zen” 

— In your work fantasy meets nature - your drawings are very delicate, ethereal and imaginative on one had but also show nature, animals in great detail. Where do you find inspiration? 
I once heard dreams are like a kaleidoscope of everything you experience and see. I think my imagination is a bit like this. It's a world made up of everything I know and see and remember and feel and some stuff I completely made up probably. My childhood on the countryside is a big part of this, but sometimes it's a great conversation I had or a stupid movie or candy. Sometimes I just draw a zebra because I want to remember what the skin feels like or I think of a feeling and it has certain colours that I will use.

— Can you tell us more about the Moonjelly you drew for Kids on the moon? What was your inspiration? What is she like? 
I loved drawing the Moonjelly!  I watched a bunch of nature documentaries and it really made me feel Zen watching the jellies! I think she is a quiet queen of the ocean, with a calm confidence. I wish this for the girls who will wear the tunic, calm confidence.  — What is your first drawing you can remember? When did you realize that drawing was your passion?My first drawing I really can't remember! Drawing is a part of me. It's not something I realized, I just knew it. I also always knew I would go to art school, I tried to think of something else, like history or English or astronomy, but it was just to show the adults around me I made a conscious choice to go to art school anyways. It never felt like I had a choice, there was no other way for me. 

— Does your daughter draw? Do you have any special ways to encourage creativity and passion in her?
My daughter draws, like all children do, but not as much as I used too. She likes other things like sports better I think. We put most of our energy into showing her that she's a wonderful little human being and that we are her foundation. I hope this will give her strength and courage to do whatever she wants to do, knowing she can always come back and we will love her no matter what happens. When you know you have a safety net it's easier to take chances in life and you're not afraid of failure. 

— What would be your dream commission?
The cover of The New Yorker. But in less specific terms I like commissions that are daring and different. Like this girl that approached my for her dissertation on children living with HIV. I already learned so much from her by talking to her once, and won't forget this experience ever I think. I like it when people ask unusual things so I can grow and learn.

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