Saturday, August 8, 2015

MOMENTS | Keep Calm and Carry On

M wears: Knitted sweater by Bobo Choses / Moon longsleeve by Bobo Choses / Skirt by Mango Kids / Stockings by Bobo Choses / Boots by EMU / Pom pom beanie by Sportsgirl // D wears: Mogens Sweatshirt by molo / Reto longsleeve by molo / Arlen denim pants by molo / shoes by Converse.

It has been a few busy weeks over here and when work falls in your lap unfortunately the blog get's a bit quiet. Still the camera comes with us where ever we go so here are a few new snaps from our adventures today. We couldn't believe how calm the bay was today. Not a single breeze, just a massive mirror like ocean in front of us. The plants are slowly waking up and getting ready for Spring. The colours are coming back and so are the urge to get out and explore. The long winter has given us a few cold days, but nothing a warm knit and a beanie couldn't cope with. We are all longing for warmer days and on weekends like this you can tell it is not too far away...

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