Friday, December 13, 2013

Sponsor Highlight | CAPPIES and LANAS

Say hello to one of my new sponsors Cappies and Lanas, run by owner and creator Patrícia Lencastre. Inspired by the traditional Mozambique fabric called Capulanas, she quickly found a way to design unique clothing for unique kids. The unusual colourful fabric teamed up with a big dose of comfort means kids can look cool and feel unique at the same time.

I had the chance to catch up with the owner/founder, Patrícia recently and got to ask her a few questions regarding her label, Cappies and Lanas.

Can you tell us how Cappies and Lanas started? What is your inspiration, and how did you come up with the name?

This all started almost without me realizing it to tell you the truth! My husband, André, started traveling often to Mozambique and bringing me back the traditional fabric of the country - Capulanas. Back there women use it daily to wrap around their bodies, head or to carry their goods and babies! First I began to make clothes for myself and then I started doing some trousers to my son Manuel who is 2 year old. I loved seeing him so comfortable and with a unique style and all around us, people seamed to like it to so when we went to New York and was a big success over there there to...well, that´s when we thought: why not, let´s try this out! And the name come up also there, in conversation with our american cousin, we wanted something that was unique, easy to memorize and that at the same time reminded the origins of the project. 

How do you go about sourcing your fabric for all your unique clothes and what is the process behind making them?

One of the things that I love most about these patterns and styles is that you can dress your child colorfully but not childish...if you know what I mean. So that´s the basis for our patterns, to choose colors and combinations that at first wouldn't be obvious for a child to wear. We also work with very limited quantity of each pattern to assure that all styles are very limited, so you know that your Cappies and Lanas are not all over other children and that yours is a unique one.
We are very proud to be handmaking everything with special attention to all details and quality. All our cappies and lanas come with an adjustable waist belt so that they can follow the child´s growth. 
At the beginning I was making the clothes by myself but now I have some really nice ladies helping me out.

I love the comfortable look to Cappies and Lanas, I take it its an important factor for when choosing a particular style?

Well, with motherhood one of my biggest challenges when it came to dressing my son, was to find some comfortable clothing for him that was not sports wear! Comfort and quality are the most important characteristics for me when we´re talking about kids clothing but that does not mean that they can´t be stylish! And that´s what we are trying to do with Cappies and Lanas. 

Do you have any current favourites in your store?

Let me tell you that I honestly love them all but if I had to choose I would go for Cappie Atacama Rose and Cappie Blue Sun 

Big thanks to Patrícia for chatting with us, and for the visit to the colourful world of Cappies and Lanas!


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