Saturday, December 14, 2013

Moments | Slowing Down

M wears: Top by nosweet / Skirt by Bobo Choses / Shoes by Natives. D wears: Tee by Mini and Maximus / Jeans by Mini Rodini / Shoes by Natives / Cap by DC.

Some moments from this afternoon. Sun is out and about and we spent an hour or so on a playground the kids like to go to. Only a stone throw away from the beach, but since both myself and the little guy are down with a cold there was no need to think about going to the beach today. Instead we built little rock towers and had a little competition on who could hit it first. The winner would get ice-cream, I guess it was a tie because we all got one in the end. 

Holidays are coming up, and boy do we need it! Another grade done and dusted in school for M and D moves up to big boy 4 yr Kinder next year. Things are going fast and a holiday is just what we need to slow things down. Have a lovely weekend!

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