Monday, December 5, 2011


We got a little something in the mail today from Minibots. Among the nice things we bought were a pair of red Jefferson, Native shoes for M. I have seen them for awhile, but always hesitated because I have a bit of a picky shoe user in my 5 year old. Anything that is big around the ankle or that "wobbles" she simply opts not to wear. I guess that is because this girl is a mover and a shaker. We have serious ants in the pants syndrome here ;). So I was a bit worried that the Natives would end up in the pile of "not working" shoes that simply has been put away to be tried on little brother.

Well as the pictures reveal, the Natives were a BIG HIT. They stuck on the foot and stood the test of motion this afternoon. I do believe we have a new pair of favorites!

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