Thursday, December 8, 2011


Here are some details from our home. The mobile is the easiest way of creating a bit of Christmas feeling in just a few minutes + the kids love that they can help doing it as well. Best thing is that even if it gets torn down (which a lot things are in our home with a 2 year old) and mauled, there are no tears from it.

The postcard art is from Mark Ryden and I can see that our little friendly Totoro bunch needs a good dusting. I like how our pen cup has been pimped with a headband and a feather by Mika.


  1. kunde just tänka mig att ert hem skulle vara fullt av härliga ting och detaljer!
    hoppas att ni får en fin jul, vi får ses 2012 :-)
    Xx e m m a

  2. o'kafka - we are massive fans of Ghibli.. as I am sure a lot of people out there are :) Totoro is the bombdigidi..haha.


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