Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moments | Rain Rain Go Away

M wears: Jacket by Witchery Kids / Dress by Tuss / Leggings by Soft Gallery / Boots by Tip Toey Joey.
D wears:
Jacket by Zara Boys / Sweater by The Brand / Soho jeans by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Converse.

I wish I could end it with come back another day... but right now I don't even wish for it to do that. Right about now we want warmer weather and I think everybody is wishing for Spring.

We got caught out in the rain the other day and the only way we could find some shelter was escaping into nature under a few trees. It proved to be a good idea since M found a little lego girl under the tree and the joy knew no limits. There is something quite beautiful in the rugged colours of a cold day, the wind pushing up the waves hard against the big rocks, and watching a brave (or slightly confused) soul going for a quick dip in the ocean. After the wind and rain had pushed us around we ended up in one of our favourite cafes warming up with coffees and babychinos for the whole family. And just about then.. you enjoy the comfort of being indoors even more and realizes that the cold day wasn't so bad after all...

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